Skin whitening processes and treatments has been prevalent since ages. Many home remedies and natural masks have prone to be effective but not as much to show a drastic difference in the skin tone. But with advancement of technology, especially in field of medicine, the introduction of skin whitening pills has helped millions to get their dream skin tone.

These pills are no magic and their functioning if backed by a strong logic of its natural composition which has Glutathione that acts as Body's Master Antioxidant. These pills contain this substance in great amount which is also found natural in fruits that help is gradual betterment of skin texture and complexion. Its consumption helps in increase energy, by detoxifying the body along with strengthening the immune system significantly. Oral ingestion of Glutathione has exceptional level of skin whitening efficacy as this substance helps in whitening the skin as well as improving the complexion.

Glutathione pills if consumed as per the recommended dosage help to whiten the skin in different ways activating the simple process of lowering the melanin count. Melanin is the pigment which sets the skin in a specific color / tone by activating the enzyme Tyrosinase. These pills work on preventing the enzymatic pathways that generates melanin. Also, these pills help in safeguarding the activation of Tyrosinase that helps in bringing down the free radicals in the body which often increases the melanin production.

Apart from understanding the functioning and effect of these skin whitening pills, it also becomes important to know the precautions that a person needs to take while continuing the course:

• It is important to consume glutathione skin whitening supplements just as prescribed by dermatologist. Taking higher dose can do more harm than good and will not speed up the results.
• Moisturizing the skin is crucial along with consuming your glutathione pills or skin whitening supplements. This saves the skin from getting dry or flaked
• Dermatologists advice consumption of good amount of water to keep the skin hydrated especially during day time.
• It is best to avoid giving short sentences; club with some other sentence or related idea going out much or exposing the skin to direct UV radiations. This helps in preventing sunburn or sun poisoning. Doctors’ advice use of sunscreen frequently while taking these pills and going outdoors to sustain the results.
• During the process of exfoliating the skin, it is good to use soft scrubs which rest gently over the skin.
• Avoiding steamy showers and hot bathe can also help in getting speedy results as a result of this medication. Since this often leads to skin drying and extraction of natural oils from the skin.
• Above all, it is important to consume a balanced diet containing more fruits and vegetables to add on to the skin betterment.

Skin whitening pills containing glutathione are recommended for prolonged use without registering any side effects. This is why, these pills are recommended by dermatologist for its effectiveness as well as its safety and antioxidant property.

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