How to make sex last longer is of paramount concern to you at the moment. This is because being unable to last long in bed is making you feel less of a man. Many questions usually run through your mind when you reach climax early including, "what went wrong, will I ever be able to fulfill her sexually.” There is no need to worry about not lasting long during sex, as four out of every ten men suffer from this unfortunate condition of premature ejaculation, so you’re not alone. Knowing the underlying causes of early ejaculation is truly the best solution to it. For most men, they believe they would be able make sex longer by using mental distraction techniques. They think of everything else other than sex. Despite the fact that you can use this technique to make yourself last longer, it has its drawback.

Here's why distraction strategies are not effective...

The reason for having sex is not just for you to reach an orgasm fast. You are supposed to enjoy her body while allowing her to enjoy yours as well, thereby extending your staying power. In order to enjoy lovemaking to the fullest, it is suppose to last longer than just 2 minutes. Nevertheless, distracting your mind in an attempt to make sex last longer, there is every possibility that she is going to be able to sense your deed and be upset instead. Also, making love is going to stop being an enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.

One thing that a woman desires most during lovemaking is an emotional connection with their man. This ought to acquiesce with passionate lovemaking in order to make sex pleasurable to her. Taking your mind off sex during lovemaking will turn her off. Having a pleasurable sex has to do with you putting some passion into it.

So what are the best ways to beat premature ejaculation?

There are many techniques that are effective. For example, you ought to find out the threshold of your orgasm and work on making the pelvic muscles stronger before you get to the “point of no return”. Pay close attention to these muscles in order to keep them relaxed and prolonged.

Also, there are some positions to make sex last longer. For instance, she could mount on top of you. This will help you last longer and at the same time making her enjoy sex.

Identifying the sensations that makes you reach an orgasm too early, and then modifying your thrusting to lessen arousal is an effective way to make sex last longer and thus fulfilling her.

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