How To Make Panic Attacks Go Away: Frequent Anxiety Attacks

When you're trying to stop anxiety and panic attacks, one of the most important things you can have on your side is belief that you can achieve this goal.

And belief comes down to having lots of hope.

Many people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks feel that they've lost all hope. They're sure in their hearts that this life they have right now is the way it's always going to be.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Believing that things will never change is one of the biggest reasons they never do.

But you're different than those people who have no hope. You have hope, and you have enough of it to overcome all the problems your anxiety and panic attacks cause you.

How do I know this?

I know because you're reading these words right now. People who've given up and have lost all hope don't keep looking for solutions to their problems. They're resigned to their fate and they accept their life as it is.

But you're still taking action.

However you found this article of mine, you did something pro-active to find it. Maybe you typed in a search on Google. Maybe you visited a blog on anxiety and panic attacks and my article was posted there.

They key is you took action, found these words, and now you're reading them. And you should take great comfort in that. You still believe, you're looking for your own answers, and because of that I know you'll find your way through.

I know from personal experience that anxiety and panic attacks are a terrible thing to live with, but with continued effort, and just enough hope and belief, you'll find your way through them, I know it.

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Panic attacks are often called anxiety attacks, but general anxiety becomes known as a 'condition' should it last for some time, e.g. many months. So general anxiety is one thing and anxiety or panic attacks is another.

Panic attacks generally happen when your anxiety levels are higher than normal, so that added stress such as an exam, shopping in a crowded supermarket, driving in the rush-hour, etc., can drive your anxiety over into an attack. And the attack can occur sometime after you've been faced with that extra stress.

What's happening here is that your body's ancient defense mechanism has misinterpreted your high anxiety as meaning that you're in danger, and so triggers it's hormonal response to help you better fight or run to safety; called it's 'fight or flight' response. The symptoms you experience during an anxiety attack are just the result of that response, no more, no less.

So you are in no danger at all. It is a fact that panic attacks cannot cause you any harm, and you certainly aren't about to die. Remember this and hold onto it because it'll help you deal with panic attacks when they occur.

But what about general anxiety? Well, this is a condition where someone on a daily basis, and over an extended period of time, worries and stresses about things and issues way beyond their real importance. People without general anxiety can handle these everyday issues and stresses and just move on; it's just a part of everyday life. But someone with general anxiety cannot, so they live in a state of constant fear, always fearing the worst.

Drug-based medication -- e.g. tranquilizers, antidepressants, etc., -- is the usual treatment handed out by doctors. But these just address the symptoms by controlling your 'mood' and helping to 'calm' you. And they have a series of really bad side effects which includes dependency problems. So folks with anxiety are increasingly using natural remedies to treat their condition.

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Here are 3 totally natural ways for you to overcome your anxiety and panic attacks...

1 - There are tons of herbal and homeopathic home remedies that you can use, such as chamomile, kava kava, St. John's wort, valerian, lycopodium, gelsemium, arnica, etc. Get to know them and their benefits by talking to homeopathy and herbal professionals near you.

2 - Use aromatherapy. This uses essential oils that are massaged into your body or inhaled. They are not to be ingested as the remedies in tip 1 above. The application of aromatherapy helps to improve your emotional and mental health, as well as your physical health. Once again, it's probably better to seek out a professional.

3 - Many people find that acupuncture can be effective in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. This traditional Chinese medicine utilises needles that are as thin as hairs and are inserted into specific spots called 'accupuncture points.' I'm sure you have a specialist near you.

These three natural tips can help you overcome anxiety, or at the very least help you to manage it better. But there is an underlying issue that is very difficult to eliminate and which makes it very difficult to actually cure your anxiety and prevent panic attacks...

Your very real fear of having the next panic attack helps to keep your anxiety levels high. You may be aware of your fear, or it may be in your subconscious, nevertheless it's there and is holding your cure back. And the result is that this fear can actually trigger another attack, which raises your anxiety even more, so results in another attack, and so on.

It is a vicious anxiety cycle that you need to break out of in order to prevent further panic attacks, so that you can then concentrate on curing your general anxiety and getting your life back together again.

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We all suffer from anxiety, almost on a daily basis, nowadays. But the difference between your normal everyday stress and anxious moments, and, those who suffer from a general anxiety disorder (GAD) is huge.

Instead of just shaking off stress and anxiety and getting on with things, those with GAD cannot. They constantly worry and allow themselves to get stressed about all manner of things in a way that is totally out of proportion to their significance. And this happens over a prolonged period.

And many times this is linked to panic attacks which can either be caused by the general anxiety, or, the actual trigger for general anxiety. Panic attacks are triggered when a person's overall anxiety levels are so high -- as with GAD -- that they fool your body into thinking that that's a signal you're in danger. Your body then initiates it's 'fight or flight' response that causes many chemical and hormonal changes to occur in it.

It is these changes that give rise to the symptoms that you experience during an anxiety attack; e.g. nausea, tightness in chest, trembling, hyperventilation, sweating, numbness or tingling in fingers etc., racing heartbeat, dizziness or lightheadedness, a 'detached from reality' feeling, and the worst; a feeling of impending doom.

Your doctor will probably recommend drug-based medications to treat both your general anxiety disorder and your panic attacks. These usually consist of antidepressants, tranquilizers and even beta-blockers for the physical symptoms. But, as many people know to their cost, they do have some pretty serious side effects.

Instead, more and more anxiety sufferers are using anti-anxiety techniques and natural remedies such as...

1. Using herbal remedies to relax and de-stress. Many of these have a good record in terms of anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Typical of these are Valerian, Chamomile, Kava Kava, St. John's Wort and Avena Sativa. Talk to your local herbalist about your particular case.

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2. Are you getting the proper level of vitamins and minerals, etc. in your daily diet? Probably not, because modern, Western diet is deficient in many vitamins and minerals that are important in controlling anxiety. For example, vitamin B complex, vitamins A, C and E, plus, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. Consult a food nutritionist for the best advice.

3. Relaxation exercises are proven to help in anxiety and stress relief. When done correctly they can help reduce high blood pressure, regulate breathing and the metabolism, slow the heart rate and lower adrenaline levels. But relaxation is a skill that you have to learn. There are many therapists to teach you.

4. Ever though to practise yoga? Well, here's a great time to start, when you most need to. Yoga is another skill that you have to learn and practice a lot. But the emotional and physical benefits for someone with general anxiety are immense.

5. Join a self-help group. These can be very beneficial in terms of helping you realise you don't have to suffer alone, in silence. And these groups help you to put things in perspective whilst releasing your emotions. Plus, by interacting with, and helping other folks in the same position, you increase your self-esteem and confidence.

There is no doubt that these 5 anti-anxiety techniques and home remedies can be very beneficial, but there are many more that you can utilise, you just need to continue with your search. Hopefully, I have given you a flavor of what is possible.

However, there is one item I haven't covered here because of lack of time, and that is the vital importance of getting rid of your 'fear' of having another panic attack. This is important because this fear -- and it can be a conscious or an unconscious fear -- adds to your general anxiety levels and often triggers an attack because of it. This then increases your fear and anxiety levels even more, i.e. a vicious cycle of anxiety that needs to be broken for a complete anxiety cure.

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Dealing with anxiety successfully requires following the same basic rules whether our anxiety is relatively mild or if it is bringing about panic attacks. Anxiety in any form is very unpleasant. However, it runs rampant through our society today in almost epidemic proportions. In this article, we discuss the rules to successfully overcoming anxiety and its many forms.

Anxiety occurs in our lives simply because we are human and we have nervous systems. If we never felt nervous, we would be a very rare breed of person. When anxiety strikes, it brings with it unpleasant feelings. It is very difficult to be at our best when we are anxious. In fact, it takes a great deal of resolve just to function properly when we are under a great deal of stress.

Rule Number 1

The first rule to overcoming anxiety is recognizing that it is a normal human condition and that everyone has a certain amount of it. Realize you are not alone when you are anxious or even if you are having a panic attack. Millions of people suffer stress, anxiety and panic.

Rule Number 2

Secondly, understand everything you feel and everything your anxious condition influences you into doing happens because of an inordinate amount of adrenaline flow. Adrenaline flows through a person's veins when he or she is anxious. So things you do and feelings you experience when you are extremely nervous or panic stricken are driven by adrenaline. Furthermore, realize the fact adrenaline flows through your veins means nothing. It is simply a normal human condition.

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Rule Number 3

The next thing you must do is learn to roll with the punches. Anything that is happening to your body or mind when you're under stress is not cause for alarm. Accepting this fact will stop the anxiety from building. In other words, when you become preoccupied with the fact you are anxious, the anxiety builds. However, if you are indifferent to the fact you're anxious the anxiety will level off and not get any worse.

Rule Number 4

Once you've mastered the ability to let anxiety be, the next thing to do is actually go toward the anxiety. This is done by trying to intensify the feelings that you hate so much. Trying to escape from these feelings is basically what builds anxiety into panic. Actually trying to make these feelings worse makes them go away. Even before you have mastered the ability make yourself consciously intensify the feelings of anxiety, simply taking note of them. Analyzing the feelings of anxiety causes them to lessen in strength.

In conclusion, panic is a condition we reach by fearing the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety becomes intense when we try not to be anxious. Nervousness comes over us because that is a part of life. So, there is nothing we can do about ordinary nervousness. However, we can stop it from building into something more than that simply by not backing away from the feelings nervousness brings to us.

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