Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online. This entry point is unprofessional for many people, because without the need for an experience of blogging or online work to set up a blog. If a blog has a lot of traffic and a loyal reader, it can earn revenue. Today, I want to talk about the main ways to make money from my blog. Most bloggers use a combination of detailed methods in this article. So do not worry, you do not have to choose a method on one another.


Sales banner

When a blog reaches several thousand visitors a day, you can easily turn your premium advertising and into advertisers. The revenue from banner sales is much more likely that advertising companies using their affiliate program. One of the reasons why most top blogs sell advertising space instead of promoting ads using affiliate links. You can advertise directly through your blog. All you must do is add a promotional info page and call advertisers.

Advertise to advertise your services every month on your blog can sometimes be a battle. It can also take a lot of time. That's why many bloggers use the advertising market like buy website traffic. They make a cut of 25% of their sales, however, they do all the process of selling the ad automatically. Most importantly, the market is seen by thousands of advertisers every day, so the odds of selling ads on your blog are greatly increased (75% of something is better than 100% of nothing!).

Another good thing about the ad market like Buy Sell Ads is that it lets you find market rates from your ad position. The market displays information about a website, including the number of page views that they generate and how much they advertise for each location. This makes it a great place to research the value of your blog.

In-text ads

The ads that appeared in the text appear to have been developed to disclose blindly advertisements among Internet users.

This is done by converting certain keywords in your content to links. Usually, the links are designed with two sublines, different colors or with a larger font. So, make sure everyone can identify the links from the normal links. When a user places more than one link within a text, an ad box is displayed.

I've used controversy in the past, although I did not like it because I felt the links looked like a spam blog. Moreover, it does not generate an extraordinary income, certainly not enough to pay the costs that make readers fatigue.

Email marketing

Money is on the list. This is what marketers have entered the minds of everyone in the last ten years ... and that's right. An email marketing list is one of the most powerful tools a blogger can have. It can encourage readers to go back to their blog, increase engagement with them, and allow you to upgrade your products and services directly to your inbox.

So, it's vital that you create your own email list from the start. Give readers the reason to sign up for your newsletter by offering something like a free book or email access period of eight weeks. Then you can contact readers at any time.

Popular email marketing companies include MailChimp, Get Response and Monitor Campaign. Most of these servers pay $ 30,000 each month to subscribe to XNUMX. This is a relatively inexpensive service to pay every month that you can consider generating additional traffic and selling an email marketing campaign.

Comments are supported

Protected polls are a popular way to get extra cash on your blog. I've made thousands of dollars to my former blogs and paid the fees for reviewing products and services. When a blog arrives at certain targeted web traffic levels, they attract a lot of attention from advertisers. The polls conducted by me were a way for me to get frustrated by advertisers who did not want to check their product and made a way to make money from those who did (for example, losing time). I will never guarantee that a review is positive, I will only guarantee that my review will be fair. Each review has a disclaimer at the bottom that advised readers that a review has also been paid for it.

All my supported reviews were from the emails I received directly from my blogs, but there are markets that match bloggers with potential advertisers. Supported reviews and Review Me are two of the most popular. Many companies also send products to bloggers so they can be reviewed. If you have agreed to do this, please make sure that you will be guided by any product that is sent during your review. Most countries have policies that bloggers must disclose whenever a company offers them a free product (for example, the Federal Trade Commission in the United States), so you must be pioneering.


Advertising by tagging is the most common type of online advertising. A badge contains a message consisting of a short text or graphic that promotes a product. The tags include links and links that guide the customer to the website, or any other website that they are looking for. There are

two types of badges for online advertising: Keyword tags and random badges. Keyword tags appear when a predefined word is asked from a search engine. This type of token is suitable for companies that want to reach a limited audience. Random badges appear randomly, and companies that want to introduce a new product use these tokens.

In 1998, AOL's research showed that nine out of every 10 people responded positively to advertisements, and in a few 50 percents of the visitors they were able to recall and call for advertisements after seeing them. Increase targeted website traffic.

The ten reasons people do not buy from you

In this article, there are ten simple but important points that can be true about your business. Perhaps you have repeatedly asked yourself why people do not buy from me. The following reasons help you to review your e-commerce marketing and sales strategy.


1 - One of the factors of marketing failure is that the site is not able to create a safe and reliable hospital when ordering buyers. To create such confidence, the site can make sure buyers make all purchase order operations through secure servers. And assures the customer that all information, such as the electronic address and personal data of the individuals is kept completely kept and will not be sold at all.


2 - If ads of the site are not very attractive. One of the factors not attracting customers is to address all the details of the service without mentioning the main capabilities of the products and services. Also, due to the lack of headlines or news headlines, the site will not be able to attract customers. Another important factor in not attracting customers is the lack of consent of other customers who use your services and products, as well as the lack of warranties for products and services.

  1. Another factor that affects the failure of the site is the lack of awareness of the buyers about your business. This means that if buyers have enough information about their counterpart that they are going to buy the product, they will be more confident and trustworthy in this way. On your site, the page "About Us" includes information such as your company's history, employees, contact information, etc.


  1. Lack of multiple ways to receive orders from customers. Types of payment methods include credit cards, checks, cash, and other special electronic forms. You will be able to provide the buyers with a way to get orders by phone, e-mail address, site, fax, mailing address, etc.


  1. Another factor in the lack of marketing, lack of structure and professional appearance of the website. You must have a dedicated domain name for your website that is relevant to your business. The design of the page should be structured in such a way that visitors can navigate easily and quickly. And also, the graphic design of pages should be completely related to the type of site activity.


  1. Before giving customers free stuff, they should see your ads and then redirect to other pages of the site. If the site uses free product features to encourage visitors to the site, these products must either be placed under the advertisement of the site or on other pages of the site. If a list of free products is placed on top of the advertisements, visitors will never pay attention to advertising for products that are for sale.


  1. Your site can not attract your target audience. One of the easiest ways is to check the purchases made by customers and explore the causes of their attention to these products. The information in this area will help you to improve the marketing methods and type of advertising.
  2. 8. Another factor in the failure of a marketing drummer is the lack of a proper system to encourage users to re-visit the site. Given the existence of such a system, it is important that everybody who wants to Buy traffic will never buy web traffic for the first time they visit each site. The higher the number of reads, the luck, and the bargain will also increase significantly. The most effective way to encourage users to re-visit is to make a free subscription to your website's e-newsletter.



  1. One of the most important factors in the failure of a site is the lack of a systematic system for reviewing the site, advertising it and ultimately correcting it. There are many vendors that never change their design. You should always check and modify the status of your site's ads to get the most out of the story.


  1. Do not forcibly abandon the visitor to buy your products. Your products may be worth the attention of many because of their high quality, but the same people will forget about your products as they leave the site, over time and postpone the purchase time. To solve this problem, give the visitors a free and discounted series of products and services, and at the same time consider a period of credit for each discount. 
  2. Affiliate Links

    I noticed that affiliate links in articles are the most profitable way to make money through blogs over the past six or seven years. When I sold my former WordPress blog to Flippa last year, affiliate commissions accounted for more than 75% of my website revenue. This obviously does not happen through transparency. From the very beginning of my blog, I actively interact with the services I advise. This concept is simple:

    I know from many bloggers that any well-connected affiliate program will be linked to any website. I strongly advise against doing so. Trust is a precious thing, and readers will quickly realize that you only recommend a product or service because you want a commission. Therefore, I always review the products I have tested myself, and I only recommend that the products and services I know are good.

    Promoting a bad product for readers may take you quickly in the short run, but it will hurt your credibility in the long run. Do not take your readers. The commission rate is something you should not worry about when writing a review. This is what I believe cares for. Some of my products are advised to give me just a few dollars, some of which I get over $ 20 per conversion. The most important thing is that the article is useful to the reader. You will have enough of a few dollars here and a few dollars to add to a large portion of your monthly income.

    While you should not be too worried about the number of commissions to advertise products when writing articles, it's obvious that it's best to place your affiliate programs on the premium advertising space, such as the sidebar. I would recommend using a link copying software (I use the free WordPress plugin, a beautiful link archive) not only makes your affiliate URL more user-friendly but also lets you count the number of clicks Follow up every day.

    Note that many of the top blogs do not use affiliate links in the content. Doing so may not be in their interests, because it may show others that they are impartial. For example, the Huffington Post, if advertising companies advertise in articles, cannot be an injustice (although most bloggers do it in a more foolish way!). For most bloggers, this is not something that's about yourself. A small disclaimer that states that affiliate links may be used are enough for most readers because they know they love the money they support for their blog.

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