Writing articles is very liberating and prosperous as well. Article Marketing is a skill set. If you will take the time to learn how to write them properly you can make money online almost on demand. Article marketing makes money online, period.

I understand there's a lot of entrepreneurs who don't like this type of marketing strategies-because they feel it takes too long to get the article ranked. But I disagree. I have been blessed to write an article in the evening and by the next morning my article would be on page one of Google in the first, second or third position getting alot of organic traffic to my offers.

The Marketing Strategy To Writing A Successful Article!
To have a successful article that will make money online you begin with your research. Whatever topic you choose to write about you must have a good understanding of it. Let's say, you have decided to write about "training dogs." First thing you want to do is go to ezine articles and type in your keyword, "Dog Training" in the search box. A number of articles will appear. Look over the list of articles and choose about three to five articles that are relevant to what you want to write about.

Next, you want to go ahead and read these articles and gather all the information you can. You might want to jot down some notes and maybe reread them again until you have a really good understanding about your topic, on this occasion, it's
"Dog Training." Now that you have plenty of knowledge stored away you are ready to write the article that is going to make money online.

Finding Buying Keywords!
Your next task is to find buying keywords that you can write your article around. Go to "Keyword Planner." This is a free keyword tool Google makes available for researching keywords for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. You want go put your main keyword "Dog training" in the search menu. Now you want to optimize your keyword for best results. Look for the box that says; "find only search results that are relevant to your keywords." You want to turn this on and then hit save.

Click on the "find relevant keywords" button and bingo! All your keywords are available for use. Click on the "download keywords" and now you are going to take these keywords to a text editor so you can look them over. You want your main keywords; "Dog Training" and three relevant keywords, such as, "How to train dogs," "Dog training for dummies," and "you can easily train your dog." Anyway, these are just examples how you find buying keywords that will make money online. Now you are ready for the third and final step and the most important step.

Writing A Compelling Title!
The most important issue with writing a successful article is your Title! Your title should be so compelling that it's going to instantly draw the attention of your reader to read this article. Curiosity is an amazing thing. If your article stirs their curiosity you are half-way to making a sale online. Why, you may ask, "because you have an offer that is just as compelling as your article." You have given them enough information to get their own imagination stirred in the right direction for buying your product.

You want to take those "relevant keywords" and build your Title from these "long tail keywords." For example; "10 Ways To Train Your Dog The Basics!" That is a compelling article title that lets your reader know exactly what your article is about. They want to know what those 10 points of interest you added in their are. They are going to read your article and you are going to be able to sell them on these ideas so you can make money online writing articles.

Lastly, Your Article Must Deliver Value!
Your article has passed the ultimate test, delivering value to it's readers. Always remember, value is the most important task to writing a unique and successful Article.If you give value to your readers they will always return to read your other articles you've written.That is how to make money online writing articles.

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