Well this article is just an overview on how to monetize your website. Actually, you can easily make money through your website. Many types of advertisements on your website can be a good source of income for you. If your website or blog is heavily visited, then ads on your website will generate worthy money.

For your information there are three types of advertising: 1) Pay Per Impression (CPM), 2) Pay Per Click (CPC), and 3) Pay Per Action (CPA, CPL, CPS)...

CPM: These type of advertisements pay per impression. The pay per impression means that you can earn a certain amount every time which depends on the number of visitor hits on your page each day. Earning may be low but you can make a certain income level by promoting your website to attract a number of visitors per month to your website. This type of advertising is known as CPM.

CPC: The cost per click or you can say pay per click, this type of advertising is ruling the Internet since a long time. Through this type you can earn a certain amount but it depends on the importance of the topic of your website. Each time when a visitor clicks on an ad or text ad link on your website you will get paid. Earning will be more than CPM, but you need to be sure that visitors will click on those ads. For this, you need to place ads on appropriate web page where content matches with the ads subject so that visitors will take interest to click on it.

Google adsense is a good example and it is recognized by many webmasters as the largest platform of CPC. You can earn a lot of money with Google Adsense if your website has a good traffic and you know how to optimize the appearance and location of your adsense. However, rules, guidelines, procedures and requirements followed by Google sometimes make life difficult for webmasters.

CPA, CPL, CPS: These types of the advertisements can generate more income for you than above two but you get paid only if the visitor referred by you completes a predefined action, such as placing an order on the website which you are advertising. This type of advertising makes money but it depends on several factors. Your website should have a large number visitors to increase the chances of income through this type of format. You can also opt other advertising methods such as sending emails to your website's regular visitors or create web pages which are dedicated to the products and services you want to promote. However, it is highly recommended that you join the programs that actually offer the highest commission. This type of advertising is called CPA (cost per action), a term which is divided into CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).

Personal Opinion: The pay per click (PPC or CPC) is probably the easiest way to start earning money quickly and perhaps you will like it the most. It will not make you rich, and even if it generates a small income, it is always better than nothing.

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