We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular and most prominent social media networks. With over 1 billion worldwide users, it has also become the fastest-growing network. At first, people loved it for being a visual network and used it for fun. But now, it has made it easier for users to make crazy money.

Well, everyone cannot be as lucky as Kylie Jenner who earns around $1.2 billion for a single post on Instagram. But you can still make a lot of money on this platform. You only need to learn how to do it and plan your strategies wisely.
For that, we have mentioned some ways to earn money on this great social network.

1. Become an Influencer and Publish Sponsored Posts

When you hear the word “Influencer,” the first thing that comes to your mind might be sponsored posts. When you reach a specific number of Instagram followers, you can become a famous influencer. You can then promote all kinds of products from different brands.
An influencer is someone who posts about their daily life on Instagram and connects with their audience. Brands are more likely to choose influencers over celebrities. The reason is that they have built a strong relationship with their followers, and they succeeded in developing trust.
Influencers have the power to convince people about a product or service. 87% of people say that influencers inspire them to purchase a product. With over 500,000 influencers on Instagram, influencer marketing is sky-rocketing.
So you can also put in some effort to grow your followers, show some skills, and become a well-known influencer.

2. Become an Affiliate

Have you ever heard of affiliate programs or affiliate marketing? Many people make loads of money through affiliate programs. An affiliate has to sell products for a brand to get a commission. If you think they are like influencers, you’re wrong.
Influencers are there to promote products and spread awareness. But affiliates work to increase their sales. They are given a link or a code to differentiate from other affiliates. If the followers of that affiliate click the link or use the code to buy products from that brand, they get a commission. Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential if you work smartly and plan your strategies wisely.

3. Work as a Brand Ambassador

Many brands claim that collaborating with an influencer helped them a lot in expanding their reach and maximizing their growth. That is why every brand nowadays is hiring influencers for their promotions. And many of them want to make it long-term by finding a suitable influencer who also works as a brand ambassador.
If you have enough followers, many brands will reach out to you for their promotions. Brand ambassadors get free products almost every month. They even get paid to promote products for a more extended period. Brands ambassadors have an incredible opportunity to make bucket loads of money on Instagram.

4. Start Your Own Business

If you have money to invest and know some skills, you can start your own business on Instagram. You all know that many prominent brands are making crazy money on Instagram. But thousands of small businesses are also doing great.
Have a look at this:
• Almost 90% of the accounts follow a business on Instagram
• One-third of the most viewed stories come from brands.
• 70% of shoppers make their product discovery on Instagram.
• Over 200 million users visit a business profile daily.
We have given this data to tell you how important it is for business to have a presence on Instagram. Even if you are thinking to start one, chose Instagram for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes. If you work on this platform smartly, you’ll be amazed when you witness your tremendous growth. Check out this article to know some Instagram business tips.

5. Provide Online Services

Can’t invest in businesses? Online services are for you. You only need some time to learn any skill, and most of these don’t even require investment. Here are some ideas for online services you can offer.
• Provide social media marketing services.
• Edit pictures for people.
• Provide content-writing/copy-writing services to brands and businesses.
• Start your own blog and use Instagram to promote it.
• Find freelancing clients on Instagram.
• Learn graphic designing and take orders to design for people.
• Video editing is also very famous nowadays.
• Give online tuitions.
• Sell Instagram accounts with a large following or sell followers.
There are many more things you can do to make money on Instagram. This is probably a way that many people prefer as it doesn’t require little or no investment.

6. Become an Instagram Model

If you got an attractive face and good fashion sense, being an Instagram model is your thing. Instagram models make bucket loads of money. Like even more than most brands and businesses. When you succeed in making a good looking profile with eye-popping pictures and many followers, brands and photographers will reach out to you.

The best part about Instagram is that modelling is not only about clothes and shoes. From jewellery and hair accessories to teeth whitening products and vitamin supplements, you got every option. You can literally model for any product you like. Check out this article that is all about Instagram modelling to know more about it.

So there you have it! Six proven ways to make money on Instagram. But for making money, the most important thing is having more followers. If you want to know how to increase your followers, click here.

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