When you think about videography as an activity that may generate money, the first thing that comes to mind is wedding videos. But, your professional operation isn’t limited to taping wedding celebrations and turning random clips into breathtaking wedding videos a happy couple will keep on going back to in many years after getting tying the knot and starting their own family.
If you have a camera that ensures high-quality image, a laptop, video editing skills and software, and, most importantly, the creative passion toward videography, you’ll be happy to discover the numerous ways your beloved hobby may help you earn some extra cash or even turn into your primary source of income.

7 ways to make money on videography

1. Advertising

You don’t have to be a well-known videographer or video producer to be able to earn money by generating videos for ads. A lot of small businessmen (movers, plumbing contractors, general contractors, interior designers) who don’t have huge marketing funds, but still want to diversify their marketing efforts and make their advertising campaigns a bit more visual, gladly cooperate with freelance videographers capable of producing short, engaging videos at a reasonable rate.

2. Working at live events

Event broadcasting is a rather popular technique that’s used both for marketing and practical reasons. Extending the impact onto a wider audience, enabling customer/employee participation at a lower cost and simply earning money on selling access to event broadcasting are the main purposes of ‘live shows’. Speaker series, live conferences, professional training sessions, webinars, product releases, charitable events are your opportunities to set up the camera and let it work its magic. While providing technical support to the managers of such live events, you’ll also have a unique, priceless chance to meet incredible people, expand your network and obtain contacts of potential customers.

3. Real estate videography

Professionally filmed high-resolution presentation of homes on sale help realtors and regular homeowners increase their chances to attract the attention of potential buyers and ensure the most convincing first impression. If you’re keen on real estate videography or interior design and know how to showcase the best properties of a house, try to contact local realtors and offer your assistance.

4. Shoot birth videos

The popularity of birth videos is rising at an incredible rate. More and more mothers are willing to capture the moment their child enters the world on camera. Beware that birth videography is a rather sensible subject and it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re strong enough to witness a woman giving birth to a newborn, understand the importance of the moment and know how to capture the natural beauty of a childbirth, ask your friends and family members if they’d like to use your services and gain your experience before working with real customers.
Despite the fact that pretty much everyone has a camera in his house and may edit a short video using a basic free program, birth announcements, gender reveal videos, first birthday compilations are still in high demand. Good news for a beginning videographer, right?

5. Capture school events on tape

Sports competitions, dance recitals, musical performances happen pretty much all year around. Both parents and school teachers want to capture the most important moments of their kids’ lives on camera. So, take your camera to the school and earn your living by selling adorable, memorable and, most importantly, high-quality videos to proud parents. Prom nights, college graduations and major dance parties should turn into must-attend events for you. Don’t have a date? Your camera and tripod are the best choices.

6. Shoot videos of completed projects

Many construction companies, landscapers, interior designers, kitchen remodelers and other home improvement contractors seek the assistance of professional videographers as they approach the finishing line of their big projects. A walk-through video of a finished house or a backyard goes right into their portfolio, which is used to display contractors’ professionalism, style and performance quality to potential customers with the aim to convince them to opt for the company’s services during their upcoming remodeling projects. You may advertise your videography services on contractor referral platforms like HireRush and employ their resources to reach out to professionals, registered as providers on the website.

7. Film video resumes

Despite being a novelty in a modern recruiting sphere, video resumes are rather popular due to the fact that they let potential employers showcase their potential, experience, qualifications, and professionalism during the first stages of the application process and make a memorable impression even before attending an interview in person. Employers favor video resumes due to the fact that they make it easier for them to select worthy candidates and avoid spending time on pointless interviews. Time and money saving opportunities, as well as a greater impact, make an idea of spending money on video resumes quite reasonable for an increasing number of the high-rank job seekers.

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