If you would like to go from making 50 cent per article to 20 dollars per article regularly first realize that with great English spelling and grammar as well as good research skills you can definitely achieve this goal. So what is the best way to go about this process of taking your freelance writing career to a new level? There are a few very important things you must first achieve.

Perfect Your Writing Style

The ability to follow directions is important. Clients who have to send you revisions to original request are not going to be happy with your wasting their time.

Additionally, you are also wasting yours. With a good type speed a personal can normally write an entire new article in the time it takes them to re-proof and reread their work. Do it the first time!

~Writing on topic. It can be very easy to create run on sentences and add fluff that has nothing to do and no informational value to the title of the article or more specifically the subtopic it lies under.
~Subtopics and Subtitles. Use them and use them correctly. Your article will have a title and in general that is what you will need to write about, but when addressing different aspects of an article, give them subtopics. Bold your subtopics on your document if possible for clarity.
~Paragraphs should be kept short. A great looking paragraph should never have more then five or six sentences.
~Research. You cannot ever expect to be a high paid freelance writer if you have no research skills. Being familiar with ways around the internet to locate hard to find information is a requirement for any freelance writer.

Build Your Freelance Writing Biography

If you can find a trusted company to work for you will be given a great boost in increasing your salary as a freelance writer. With training and helpful freelance writing professionals to stand by you and guide you, you will begin to understand the importance of your freelance writer biography.

A biography only needs to be a short excerpt of your writing skills. So always have one prepared. As your skills improve you will have clients who will actually want to give you credit for your articles or blogs. When a client has a freelance writer that is part of a trusted group that helps to ensure quality, they also receive benefits like affiliate marketing with that site. This in turn helps to generate more specialized work for you in particular, as once you are a frequent writer on an affiliate marketers site, they will inevitably raise your rates to keep you.

So you have been a freelance writer for a couple of months and you have a few links saved up where someone has finally given you credit for your work instead of purchasing the rights to it. That is where you will need to have your biography ready to hand over. Once you do be prepared to have any links you are allowed to add (clients will normally allow you one link or an email address) lead to a larger portfolio that addresses all of your skills as a freelance writer.

Freelance Writing Portfolio

So it is time to start building a serious freelance writing portfolio. Having collected a few early links will help loads in getting you more and higher paying or specialized work, but hopefully you will be refreshing those links often. Get those who know a bit more than you about freelance writing to start teaching you the real tricks of the trade.

Figure out the best writing sites to start applying to and once you have passed their strict guidelines you will now have some real links to show. The reason why these links can be even more important than your clients links to you, is that this will show your freestyle writing, under no one elses requirements.

Once you have begun to create some pay per views on those write sites, you will also be generating a small, but extra income simply by having built up your own freelance writing portfolio.

Patience is The Virtue

Trying to rush into a well paid freelance writing career will likely cost you twice the time and the work to achieve. Posting sub par articles on the internet before you fully learn how to perfect your writing style to fit with what is considered great internet reading will only cause you to continue to get low paying work.

Once you have gone through one cycle of watching your own skills grow you will begin to understand how very important it is to take these steps to becoming a full time and well paid freelance writer.

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Full-Time Freelance Writer and Editor for Puglisi Consulting Group, Joy Lynskey specializes in Technology, SEM, SMM, and other elements of Internet Marketing.