Kitchen cabinets are essential for any kitchen for storing food items as well as utensils and crockery. Apart from its functional value, kitchen cabinets - if designed aesthetically with special effects - can also enhance the décor of your kitchen interiors. Once you become familiar with some basic guidelines, you can build a kitchen storage cabinet on your own without much difficulty.

The materials needed are - Measuring tape, Paper and pencil, wood, Steel railings or ball bearing drawer slides, Cabinet knobs Saw, Wood glue, Varnish, Nails or screws, Drill, Pliers, Steel rods and hinges, Screwdriver, Sandpaper, Paint and Safety glasses
As a first step, note down the measurement of the wall space where you intend positioning the kitchen cabinet. While deciding the location of the kitchen cabinet, you must take into account the existing kitchen windows, plumbing lines and other electrical fittings. Also determine the size of your proposed kitchen cabinet bearing in mind the list of items you want to store and the number of drawers you will require.

Create a draft of the design preferably in consultation with a professional cabinet maker. You can also download a design from the Internet and improvise according to your preference. When the design is finalized, you will get a fair idea about the dimensions of the proposed kitchen cabinet. You can thereafter purchase the required materials for constructing a kitchen storage cabinet. To keep the costs down, you can rent the required tools for this job instead of buying them.

You can choose either oak or pine wood for building the kitchen cabinet. Oak is widely accepted as the best wood for building durable and sturdy kitchen cabinets. Some favor pine wood as it is relatively softer and easier to work with.
Cut the wood in to different components of the storage cabinet as per the measurements in the design diagram. Please bear in mind that while cutting, dimensions of the drawers have to be altered by subtracting the thickness of the ply on three sides (two sides and the back).

You can make the drawers by drilling and attaching / gluing the pieces together. Alternately, you can buy ready to use drawers that are available in standard sizes. Once the drawers are ready, fix the railings or slides and rims to facilitate smooth movement.
Attach the brackets for the shelves in the cabinet. Check for the level and sturdiness of the cabinet. Finally fix the doors using the hinges after checking the level and sturdiness of the cabinet.
Now what will remain are the finishing touches. Even out the rough spots with the sandpaper and fill the gaps with putty. Paint or stain the cabinet and after allowing time for drying, varnish it to obtain a final luster. You can thereafter fix the knobs preferably some decorative ones.

Now there can be no doubt that some special effects can enhance the cabinet décor. Special-effects can be had by applying two coats of paint, a base coat of one color and a second coat of a contrasting color. Sanding the second coat lightly or splotching it when wet with sponges or rags can be a good idea.

You can imaginatively choose the colors choice of colors and colors of the same hue such as a dark green over a lighter green or dark blue over light blue can produce a classic look on kitchen cabinets. Make the cabinet look like an antique piece. You do not have to wait for a century to get that wonderful antique appearance. Distressing the wood will quite often create the worn out look you want for your kitchen cabinets.
Stenciling your kitchen cabinets provides an opportunity to apply some creative flair to your living space. Stencils can either be bought ready made or you can cut them using pieces of cardboard or tracing paper.

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