In the world of Internet, there is no magic formula that will guarantee success every time when you introduce New Ideas.. but the Internet does provide you with option to try your ideas on the World Wide Web as long as it is of the New Media technology, be it Blogging , Social networking or ebook publishing, Video streaming etc …

This Book provides you tools and resources to implement an online making money program, a chance to try out your new Ideas. It will also teach you how to make blogging and social media an active part of your marketing program.

Learn how to succeed with Blogging and Social media to develop an integrated , Successful Social media strategy and amplify your current marketing efforts with leveraging with all tools available - social bookmarking, RSS feed, ,podcast, video ,webcasting, photo sharing and more

Blogging by Millions , Earn By Millions- put the buzz about your ideas to work for you .Whether you are seeking to create a thriving internet business from scratch or finding ways to realize the full potential of your existing business…this book will guides all readers into blogging and it will benefit for those who are still clueless about internet to become fully knowlegable user of latest Social media tools and Blogging techniques

It offers a good range of useful resource tips and how-to information and advice of interest to anyone looking to start a earning Money Online through blogging and also guide you with a good practical knowledge of the social media tools available so that you can decide which ones to use and how to use them effectively for your social media marketing campaign

It covers most details from blogging to social networking, emailing and tracking of keywords to search engine optimization offering recommendations into successful practice.

Its aim is to be a resource book for bloggers of all ages and experience, and will cover the following:

·Generic useful blogging tips

·Website & Blog Design tips

·Affiliate marketing and blog monetization

·Video Logging

·SEO and social search

·Social media and social bookmarking

·Website integrated with Blog for Business blogging

·Shopping Cart

Readers will be introduced some interactive blogs and website which are relatively popular which applied some the techniques introduced in the book to get a direct impression how blog can be integrated into an ecommerce website with shopping cart

This Book is now available at major leading Bookstores,check out at Borders, Mph , Popular Bookstores etc...


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psaaion with New media technology ,and write subject on internet marketing and social Media technologies