How To Make Him Feel Special Everyday: How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special With Words

Are you concerned with how he treats you that you have forgotten he has needs as well? How do you prove how much you love him? Have you been neglecting your man or assume he doesn't have needs like you do? You aren't the only one in the relationship sweetheart.

He needs to feel loved just like you. Remember the men need loving too though they are so often neglected. Women put a lot of focus on how men are treating us and making sure we find someone to fulfill our needs but what about him? Do something for him. Relationships are 50/50. Treat him right, he needs to feel loved just like you.

Do the things he likes to do like what he does for you. For a change, take him out to the restaurants he loves to eat at, the movies he wants to see, and do what he likes to do. Men have plenty of hobbies so incorporate his love of golf as a great day together on the course or driving range. He needs to be loved just like you. Don't neglect the man who works hard to keep you happy.

Until the "I love yous" are exchanged it is best to take time to let the relationship mature in good time. Fine wine is best when aged and emotions are no different. Couples need plenty of time together to see if you still feel that way three years from now and beyond that. There is a high likelihood he will want to progress at a his own slower pace so do that for him giving heart the time it needs to meet your emotional point.

Each day you should both give an effort to make each other happy and spend time together. Couples are supposed to be having fun all the time, that's what makes dating enjoyable otherwise it's a waste of time if you aren't happy. Give him reasons to smile; he needs to feel loved just like you.

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You really, really want to make him fall in love with you, right? Are you looking for love, romance, commitment and marriage? That is very normal. We all want a soul mate; someone we can share our life with. So what are you going to do now? Do you know how to go about it? How can you make him fall in love with you?

Be lovable. Boy, that was easy to say, right? But what does it mean? The fact is that if you want to make a guy fall in love with you and if you want to make him commit to you for the rest of his life, good dating advice says that you need to have a lovable personality. So, do this:

Dust off that smile.

A warm smile is the single thing that is most appealing if you want to attract men. An appealing smile is a huge attraction; it can make a guy fall in love more easily than just about anything else. So make sure that you smile easily. Do not just smile at him; let him see you smile often. It will just warm his heart. When someone smiles at us, it makes us feel like smiling; we are looking at the person who made us smile and now we are smiling at them. It builds a strong bond between the two. So, smile. It can make him fall in love.

Break out the sense of humor.

Have you said that you can just not tell a joke? Well, you need to learn how. If you can make him laugh, you will forge a very strong bond with him. People love to laugh and they love the person who made them laugh. Male psychology says that men love a woman who makes him laugh.

Check out your appearance.

You want to look the best that you can. People know that you cant judge a book by its cover, but they do it all the time anyway. Make sure that your cover is the best it can be.

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He loves me? Or he loves himself? Which one is it? Are you afraid that he seems to love you but he is only pretending because he wants something? How can you know? What can you look for so you can protect yourself from being hurt? Watch for these signs and see for yourself whether he loves himself or whether you can say, He loves me.

What does he say?

We are not talking about what he says about his love for you. Male psychology allows some men to be users; they will pretend to fall in love with a woman, but it is only so that they can have sex or money or some other advantage; they will use the woman and then dump her, breaking her heart. Sex and money are a big attraction to some men. They can attract men like flies to honey. Since it can be easy for a man to profess a love that is not there, what he says about love is not so important.

But what kinds of things does he say to you and about you? Does he call you ugly names when he is mad? Does he interrupt you when you are trying to say something? Does he talk only about what he likes and changes the subject when it is about something important to you? Does he criticize you? This sort of conversation can reveal the answer to, He loves me, or does he love himself?

What does he do?

Does he want to borrow money or things and then not pay them back? Does he try to pressure you for sex even though you have said no? Does he only call you when he wants something? Is he willing to help you when you have problems?

Has he introduced you to his friends? Has he introduced you to his family? Has he really done anything to share his life with you or does he only want you to share your life with him, so to speak? Selfishness in this area speaks volumes as to his true feelings about you.

If these questions show that you man is just a user, do not despair. You can make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you for life; you just need to find another man. This one seems broken. Good dating advice will tell you that it is time to move on.

Perhaps the next guy will be the one. We sincerely hope that the answer to that question, He loves me? Or himself? will be a good answer the next time around.

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Are you confounded by the mysteries surrounding love? Have you never fallen in love and you're not sure how this strange emotion manifests itself? Are you now at a stage in your life where you'd like to meet a good man and build a life with him? Love is one of those emotions that is difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to attain. But once you have it, the efforts you've put in are well worth it. This article will help clarify the workings of the heart.

You've probably noticed that many men go out on the prowl hoping to hook up for a sexual escapade. Increasingly, many women play into this game and willingly give themselves to men they know little about. While some women do go in knowing that they only want to play, some go in hoping something more will come of it.

For these women, it can be easy to read love and affection into every touch or every word from this man she barely knows. Her heart is soon attached to him while he is already considering his next conquest.

If you want to find true love, you have to be able to touch his heart, and rolling around in bed with him simply doesn't cut it.

Work instead on building a true bond with him. It can help if you're able to simply think of him as a good friend those first few encounters. What happens when you view the relationship as platonic rather than romantic is that all the pressure is diminished. Not only are you calmer because you're not weighing every word with the importance of bringing this romance along, but he's also offered the opportunity to just relax and have fun with you.

Of course every date should have you learning something new about him; not just in what he tells you, but in what you witness by being with him. Same goes for him. While it can be good to go for that all-nighter conversation that has you both discovering a lot about one another, it's really in the time you spend together that an emotion bond will grow.

This is where you need to be patient. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time to grow. Often times it takes him a little longer than it might take you. Don't fret about the gap. Many men aren't as in tuned to their emotions as women, and some men may even fear the growing affection they feel.

Give him time to sort it all out and come to realize he is falling in love with you. If you're not pressuring him and all he sees are the great times he has with you and the wonderful way you make him feel, the love will come.

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