Weekends all around the world are the most awaited time of the week, but we often find ourselves doing nothing at this fantastic time. When you are in Bangalore, but you do not discover the areas around the city, this is just not done. Nandi Hills is the first place that comes to mind when you want to have a quick getaway; the place is situated 60 kilometers from Bangalore. You don’t need the entire weekend to visit Nandi Hills, which means you can plan 3-4 more stops on your way to utilize your time. Many people like to come here only during dawn time to enjoy the mist all around, and the others love to trek on the hills.

Why Nandi Hills

Although Nandi Hills are not known for their vast expanse, they are a popular tourist destination. It is a heavenly refuge into nature's abode and is blessed with a lovely climate all through the year. Nandi Hills are known for their breathtaking sunrise; you will not feel alone if you come here early in the morning in the misty mountains. Trekking is the favorite sport here for those who like the adrenalin rush in their bloodstream. However, trekking on your own may not be a good idea; you must hire a guide for a safe trek. While hiking the dewy hills, you will pass through the exotic flora as well as fauna.

Other places to visit

If you do not go for trekking, you do not need much time to visit Nandi Hills. You can plan to visit a few more places situated in the vicinity of this area. Tipu’s Drop is the place where Tipu Sultan was known to drop his war prisoners down; it is 600 feet in height from where you can see the entire valley with a beautiful view. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is also a place worth visiting. You can also go to see Amrita Sarovar Lake and the ruins of Tipu Sultan's fort. Three temples more are also there that are dedicated to Sri Ugra Narasimha, Sri Bhoga Narasimha, and Sri Yoga Narasimha.

Watch the sunrise

If you want to witness the gorgeous view of the sunrise, you can stay at the accommodation managed by the Karnataka Tourism that offers spacious rooms. Early morning trekking is also a great option if you want to go for some more fun. Do not go alone as some areas during trekking are more dangerous than others. No matter how busy you remain in Bangalore, you must come to Nandi Hills at least once.

How to reach Nandi Hills

The best way to reach these majestic hills is by road as they mountains are located on NH 207 only 60 kilometers from Bangalore. Nandidurga and Anandagiri are the other names for Nandi Hills, and it is located at the height of 1,478 meters. The statue of the mount of Lord Shiva, Nandi, is placed outside the temple situated on the Hill of Happiness. The serene Shiva temple gives immense peace as you sit on the premises and take delight in the mesmerizing view. Nandi Hills is a source of three rivers- Palar, Pennar, and Arkavati. The hills were one of the summer retreats for Tipu Sultan. There is another temple, known as Bhoga Nandishwara temple, located at the base of the mountain; it houses a statue of Nandi, which is 1000 years old. You can bring your car or hire Self Drive Cars Bangalore to reach this place since only a few public transport buses come and go from the area.

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