One of the best things you can do in conversations is to feel good and help the other person or persons feel good as well. Enjoyable dialogue is the key to someone’s heart.

As a communication coach, people often disclose to me how they find most conversation boring and they only have it out of politeness. They want to interact with people who have more zest, more wit and to have fun banter.

Learn how to make enjoyable conversation and you’ll be the solution to a problem many persons encounter in social situations. When you’re that fun and skilled conversationalist that people rarely meet, they will be drawn to you like iron to a magnet.

Conversation is made enjoyable by a few simple but relevant things. I’m going to share them with you, so you can consciously apply them in social settings and thus, gradually improve your conversational style.

Concentrate On the Positive

The vibe of a conversation is very much determined by the nature of the content. If two persons in a discussion talk mostly about the bad things in their lives, world catastrophes, disasters and threats, they will not feel good and they will not enjoy that chat.

It’s important to focus conversations on positive topics. Enjoyable conversation sterns from positive content two or more people share. Talk about the good things in your life, your passions, hopes and positive experiences. Also, navigate the discussion by using questions so the other person talks about positive stuff as well.

Do Joke Frequently

You can often recognize an enjoyable conversation by the fact the persons involved in it are laughing a lot. The fact is that beyond a positive focus, pleasant discussions tend to also encompass a solid dose of humor.

You can add this dose of humor even to a stale conversation. The key is to continually ask yourself while chatting with a person: “What’s a fun way to look at this topic?” Don’t pressure yourself to find humor and crack jokes, just allow yourself to see the humor in things.

Find the Common Ground

People today have a lot of options and their interest can vary quite a lot. In such circumstances, it’s a challenge to put a focus on common ground and to talk about something both parties find interesting.

This is why you’ll often find conversations where on person is talking with relative passion, while the other one gets bored. They simply don’t have a similar degree of interest in the topic that’s being discussed.

Try to avoid such situations, by considering both your interests and the interests of the other person during any chat. Navigate the chat towards the common territory, even if the other person may have the tendency to take it astray.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Finally, it’s crucial to realize that making enjoyable conversation is fundamentally a matter of attitude. If you’re tense and nervous, if you’re thinking that you need to impress the other person but not doing very well, it’s hard to have a fun, positive presence.

Learn to not take conversations too seriously, by learning to not care very much about the way others see you. It’s not the end of the world if a person doesn’t like you. Relax, chat authentically and let go of expectations.

The interesting occurrence is that as you embrace this detached mindset, you turn on your witty and fun part a lot easier. This is the key to making enjoyable conversation.

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