Presentations have been the part of professional life for years now. Over the years it has also changed drastically in terms of making it more catchy and engaging. People aim to hold the attention of the audience through their presentations for which the foremost thing is that you make the best thing they could see.

No matter where you are, whether it is an educational presentation or a PPT on your company report until you present the things in a limpid way no is going to take interest in it. It is often asked by the people to how to make an appealing presentation. Free Google Slides themes templates are the best way to achieve your goal. Here, in this article, we will discuss how you can make an enticing presentation using Google Slides themes.

Free Google Slides themes helps people to create slides templates free of cost and download it to use it in your presentations. For the beginners, it helps you understand the concept of presentation and the way it is done. It is helpful for all the streams of people be it IT, educational and even non-professionals.

Steps to make presentations on Google Slides themes .
Before you start working on Google Slides themes, you must know about the kind of content you want to create. According to that you can search through a plethora of themes online and must save it to your computer.

1.Import your theme: The first step of working Google slide is the simplest one. You must have a theme selected from before from the themes which you download from the Internet. Now, Go to the Google Slides and open it. you will see an option to upload themes. Select the main file of presentation on which you want to work and start uploading. Once the file is uploaded you can click on that and import your desired theme into Google Slides and start working on its Customization. You can upload as my themes as you like and can choose the best among all.

2.Customization of themes: Once you’ve uploaded your theme you must select it and customise it according to your own need. The first slide is basically the cover slide which depicts the title of the presentation and other necessary information. You can write anything on that slide and can also change the background of it to your desired image. Please pay proper attention to the headings and the placement of the pictures and the text. Use the arrows to cut down or extend the image accordingly.

3.Create a portfolio slide: On the next slide, you can design a portfolio slide depicting multiple images and information regarding your previous works. Google Slides themes automatically provides you with a portfolio slide on which default images are to be replaced by the ones you need to put there. You might also have to do some cropping and resizing the images to fit in the available space. Just double click on any image to start cropping or masking.

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Robert Alleson