You do not need to have extraordinary cooking skills for you to create a wonderful dish. In fact, you can be an amateur cook and still succeed in preparing an appetizing and nutritious meal. Many recipes come with simple cooking procedure, which allow you to experience convenience in meal preparation. Hence, even busy moms will find it easy to cook a delightful meal in a snap. Moreover, the dish is not just easy to make; it is satisfying and nutritious, too.

If you are pressed for time in making a great meal for the family, you might want to try preparing Mongolian BBQ. The dish may sound complicated; however, it comes with very simple cooking instructions that anyone will find easy to make. Thus, you should try preparing the dish if you want to make a quick meal for the whole family. Moreover, the dish is also ideal to prepare if you have a big family dinner. Everyone will be impressed with the fabulous taste and nutritious goodness of the dish.

Try this Asian-style recipe for Mongolian barbecue is very tasty and scrumptious. You will love the fact that the dish uses ordinary ingredients that add to the convenience in preparing the dish. Check out the recipe and have it as part of your weekly menu.

Mongolian BBQ Asian-Style Recipe
Are you up for some fine Chinese cuisine? If you are a fan of oriental dishes, you should try this Asian-style Mongolian barbecue recipe. It uses a variety of seasonings that create a perfect taste of the dish. Have the following ingredients ready to make this fabulous dish.

• Hoisin sauce, 2/3 cup
• Vinegar, 6 tablespoons
• Minced green onions, 1/2 cup
• Soy sauce, 1/4 cup
• Minced garlic, 4 tablespoons
• Honey, 2 tablespoons
• Sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon
• Toasted sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon
• Ground white pepper, 1/2 teaspoon
• Ground black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon
• Boneless leg of lamb, 5 pounds

Mix in a resealable bag the seasonings such as sesame oil, pepper, hoisin sauce, honey, sesame seeds, green onions, garlic and vinegar. Shake the bag to combine the ingredients well. Then, place the lamb meat inside the plastic bag. Gently roll the meat to coat it with the seasonings. Afterwards, seal the bag and place it inside the refrigerator. Allow the marinade to seep in the meat for 8 hours or more.

Then, preheat the grill and put it on high heat setting. Next, put some oil on the grate of the grill. You may use cooking spray for this. Place the meat over the grill. Cook the lamb on all sides for 15 minutes or more. You can baste the meat occasionally, as you turn the meat. Once the meat is tender and brown, place it on a platter. Wait for about 20 minutes before slicing the lamb meat. Then, serve the meat with your choice of dip if you wish.

Try this fabulous barbecue dish with a truly oriental touch. You will surely have an easy time preparing this great recipe that you can complete in less than an hour.
Classic Mongolian BBQ RecipeAsian-Style Mongolian BBQ

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