Let's face the truth: a mobile phone isn't only the mean of playing GTA or Angry Birds anymore! Mobile development industry has been growing so quickly, and now the smartphone is a thing capable of solving different problems in numerous areas of life. One of the fields touched by a quick growth of this industry is healthcare. People now strive to live a healthy lifestyle, and it seems that the building of an app focused on healthcare may pique entrepreneurs' curiosity. Since that we've decided to find out how to develop another application which can solve some of the users' problems (related to health, in the main), and make their life a bit easier.

To create your own diet and nutrition app the main two points are to create a feature list and decide on a revenue model. Besides, it's also important to analyze the market and find a software development company that will build a product for you.

To make your app more sophisticated and broaden functionalities, you can create the following features:
-Community interaction
-Linking to live experts
-Barcode scanner
-Grocery shopping list

Well, to one it may seem obvious, to another, it could be rather surprising, but the diet and nutrition app can be applied in more than one sphere of life (think sports) and used not only by athletes. Of course, it would be a great companion for those of us who decided to build a perfect body or are preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil, but food and nutrition tracking tools can be successfully used in medicine and daily life as well.

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