Do you wait for that Déjà vu moment every now and then? Do you wish that you had experienced a perfect moment? Do you feel totally lost waiting for the perfect moment to arrive?
But, how would you define perfect moment?
Eugene O’Kelly in his famous book Chasing Daylight has provided his insight about ‘perfect moment’.
Perfect moment would be that ideal moment when time and space stands still. It is when you feel everything is in the present. You are living in the present. Your past doesn’t haunt you and your future doesn’t bother you. It is that special moment when you have your awareness heightened and your attention focussed.
While this sounds nice, how do you attain that perfect moment in your life? Check these six keys and you have the answer to your question.
Live in the “now”- If you can learn to live in the present, you have mastered the first step towards making perfect moment.
Focus on the energy adding point- Be one bundle of energy and not someone who drains away the all joy from life.
Stop faking- Those who are into faking positivity and belittling others don’t really create genuine relations and connections. While it is okay to discuss controversial topics and disagreeing over something with confidence, it is better to explore conflicts and learn newer view points from them to actually deepen the relationship.
Have curiosity- You cannot fathom the level of energy expansion that happens with curiosity.
Be a generous giver of your attention- The more you tend to give the better energy you create around yourself. This vibe of positivity actually helps others also to remain positive and motivated and willing to give in return, creating a perfect tandem of energy.
Remain in lightened mood- Some people even when they have all the above mentioned attributes, tend to get narcissistic. The moment you loosen up from being entirely absorbed with yourself, you will find communication with other totally lucid and seamless.
Just follow these six points and you find many Déjà vu moments in your life. Perfect moments can be created if you are a little cautious of the present and try to make the best of it.

Author's Bio: 

Rahul is an Indian Motivational Speaker who lives with a vision and purpose to help people across the world to ignite their inner powers and achieve results that matter. He employs his signature style – a combination of high energy levels, a willingness to reinvent and an enviable presence of mind to impart difficult lessons in the most palatable manner.

His years of experience has been enriched by conducting over a thousand sessions for individuals of all ranks and positions of corporate hierarchy which makes him a preferred choice for various events and interventions. He has worked closely with leadership teams in many organizations to design and execute company wide initiatives to enhance productivity and employee effectiveness.