How To Make A Marriage Work When It's Broken: How To Heal A Broken Marriage

Is your marriage broken? Did your spouse tell you that they want a separation? Are you afraid that if you go through with the separation it will only lead to divorce? Are you trying really hard to interact differently with your spouse so that they won't want a divorce? Do you really wish you could figure out how to save your broken marriage before it's too late?

If your spouse told you that they wanted a divorce or separation, it might have caught you by surprise. Maybe you were happily living your life thinking that things weren't perfect, but they weren't that bad. Maybe when your spouse told you they were unhappy, it made you sad because you didn't think your relationship was that awful. Whatever the reason, you want desperately to change things but you're not sure how.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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So now you are concentrating on all of the little things that you did wrong in your relationship. And you want to fix them and show your husband or wife that you can change and that things can get better. But it seems like everything you try just makes it worse. This is especially true if your spouse seems like they are distancing themselves and don't want to talk to you. How do you get your ex back and save your broken marriage if they won't talk to you right now or don't want to work on things?

If you really want to get your husband or wife back, you need to think about the big picture. You need to stop focusing on all of the little things and really work on getting your life back in order. This means that you need to take the time to work on yourself too. When people get married, they tend to lose themselves in the realities of day-to-day life. Even if you think your life with your husband or wife wasn't that bad, maybe it is time to take a good look at yourself and what you want too. It may feel like you need to concentrate on making your spouse happy, but really, when you are happy your spouse will be happier too.

Looking at the big picture means figuring out what your long-term solution is going to be. If your ultimate goal is to really save your broken marriage, you need a step-by-step game plan that you can stick to so that you don't end up pushing your spouse further away and making the situation worse.

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As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This should be your attitude towards your shaky marriage. If you have noticed cracks in the once-firm foundation of your marriage, then take action immediately and save your marriage before it's too late.

You and your spouse very obviously loved each other when you got married, so what went wrong? This is what you must think about very carefully and discuss with your spouse. There are issues to be dealt with as soon as possible, or your marriage could end for good.

If you and your spouse don't talk to each other very much anymore, then change this immediately - communication is vital in any relationship! You have probably also noticed that, over the past few months, you and your spouse argue a lot about things that you say and do to each other that are really annoying. This causes tension between the two of you constantly.

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The one thing that might save your marriage is your love for each other. So take advantage of this and talk about your problems together and try to fix them together as well. This will allow you both to see each other in a much more positive light.

Once you have spoken about your problems and ways to fix them, then spend some quality time together making each other as happy as possible. This shouldn't be too difficult - you used to do it all the time, remember?

Go out of your way to do little things for each other like you used to before - you got so much pleasure out of doing this then, so why not now as well?

Your marriage is on rocky ground - save your marriage by being just as loving, respectful, and tolerant of each other the way you used to when you first got married. It was so much fun then, so do it now, and life will be great again.

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When you are falling out of love with your spouse it can only mean one thing - there are problems in your marriage that need to be analysed and fixed immediately, before it's too late! If you find that your spouse doesn't have the same effect on you as before, it means that you are drifting apart for some reason.

Do you still spend as much time together as you used to? When you do spend time together, is it quality time that you really enjoy having together, of is it just that you are making time to discuss taking out the garbage or what shopping needs to be done?

If being with your friends means more to you than being with your spouse, it is really time to sit down and talk to each other - you have big problems that need to be sorted out! Obviously it is not only one of you that is causing these problems - there are two of you involved, so it is both of you who should discover what it is that you are doing wrong.

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When you are falling out of love with your spouse it becomes a dangerous situation. At this stage you don't really care what your spouse thinks of you or the way you do things. Also, it gets to a point where you really don't care what your spouse is doing in his/her spare time, as long as you can get on with whatever it is that interests you.

You have slowly drifted apart and become two strangers living in the same home - there is only one way to find out why this happened and if there is something you can and want to do about it.

It is vital that when you are falling out of love with your spouse that you talk things over. After talking openly and honestly with each other, and trying to figure out the problems together, you can make a decision as to whether to try to save your marriage or go your own separate ways.

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The best way to win your ex back is to make your ex regret leaving you. Just how do you do that though? Especially now that your ex is hell-bent on not talking to you at all! It's easy - if your ex doesn't want to talk to you now, then just accept it and leave your ex alone for now.

However, there is plenty that you can do in the meantime that will get your ex thinking a lot about you, and in more positive ways as well. For starters, your ex is expecting you to fall apart at the seams because of the break up, so show your ex that you are made of much stronger stuff, and give your ex the impression that the break up doesn't bother you and is a thing of the past.

What if your spouse already left you? Here's how to get them back.

The next thing you do is go all out to improve yourself in any way that you can. After all, you're single again, and will need to look your best so as to attract members of the opposite sex - or so you want your ex to believe. Now that you are looking and feeling absolutely great again, get in touch with your friends and tell them that you are hungry for entertainment - you have been out of the social picture for long enough, and want back in! Win your ex back? Maybe!

Now go out there and enjoy yourself! Show everyone the new, improved you, and that you really mean business. Your confidence and bubbly attitude will be like a magnet - everyone will want to be with you - you will be so popular and in big demand!

Of course this whole turnabout in your attitude is going to knock your ex's socks off. What on earth was he/she thinking when he/she walked out on you. You're the catch of the day! Any day now you'll win your ex back - you're too good to be true, and he/she wants you back again!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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