Does a woman actually have the ability to put a man under her love spell? Or does setting the stage for an exciting relationship simply draw a man to see the potential you have and open his heart? Realistically, intellect would dictate that it is latter option . Whether you have just started dating or have been in a relationship for several years, there are a few things you can understand on how to make a guy fall in love with you more

There are so many challenges in a relationship and so many differing desires and ideas amongst the testosterone-driven male and the ordinary female that it's a wonder they can live together for any length of time at all! Love is a two-way street, and you only get as much as you give, so it helps to know how to love a man in a way that will bring out his love for you.

Try to realize that by nurturing his needs and making him feel like a worthwhile man you are actually securing the foundation of love for a long-lasting relationship. You love him when he makes you feel like a woman, and you can tap into his love by responding to these needs that keep him feeling like a man.

By nature, males have to be needed for the things that they can do in order to have a feeling of self worth, so that's why it's crucial to build them up. But they also like to feel that you truly recognize and appreciate everything they do for you. Just satisfy these three man needs and you will have a guy who genuinely cherishes you, which will make you love him even more, which in turn will make your relationship happy for both of you. But sometimes it is hard to know how to go about showing him how much you acknowledge, admire, and appreciate him without seeming unnatural.

If you want to make him fall more in love with you, check out these ways to make him feel good:

· Notice when he's had a hard day at work, sit him down in a comfy chair, and tell him that you know how hard he works and are so thankful for his contribution.

· When he downplays a successful deal at work, tell him how proud you are and how awesome he is – let him see it in your eyes – and mean it!

· Tell him that you love him, and how much his love means to you. For a man, nothing caps off a day filled with your admiration and gratitude and seals the deal like the words of love and your sweet embrace.

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My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship trainer to women. I was single for a long time, not because I wasn't a catch, but because I made simple dating mistakes that turned men off. Since then I've learned how to attract and keep the man of my dreams. I share what I have learned with women across the world so they can establish good relationships with guys.

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