Have you been searching for ideas on how to make a man adore you? Are you at that point where you've found a man that has the potential to be "Mr. Right" and you would do anything to make him feel the same way?

Believe it or not, there are a ton of women that find themselves in this position. The great thing is that relationship experts have researched the topic of how to make a man adore you for decades, which has resulted in a variety of ways to overcome this particular challenge!

#1 Give Compliments to Life His Mood

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make him fall for you is by complimenting him when he least expects it.

In addition, also make a conscious effort to remind him how much he is appreciated. Men need to feel like they are needed and loved, before they can go out on a limb and show you how much they adore you.

These compliments don't have to be complex or overreaching. It's really the simple ones that will lift his mood and make him adore you. Do you like the shirt he put on for dinner? Let him know. Do you appreciate the fact that he got your car washed when he borrowed it a few days ago? Tell him! As you can see, finding ways on how to make a man adore you doesn't have to be complicated! If he will have adored you over time because of this habit of yours, your relation would go even stronger.

#2 Feed His Touch Cravings

Studies show that the typical man craves a woman's touch. It's something that they have likely gone without for extended periods of time, especially when it comes to being touched by a woman they are falling in love with. Another thing you can do to make him fall for you is take the opportunity to touch him whenever possible. This doesn't mean that you need to touch him in a sexual way, but rather a way that makes him wonder if you meant to touch him.

For example, make an effort to brush your shoulder against his when walking beside him. Drop something small by his feet and bump him as you both bend down to pick it up. These random moments of contact will gets his mind reeling and he will be dying to know if they are intentional.

#3 Keep Your Appearance Fresh

Men are big on visuals. The number one way to catch a guy's eye is to dress and look aesthetically pleasing. If you are wondering how to make a man adore you, it's time you start paying attention to your appearance. This goes for every woman. Even if you feel that you're not "as pretty" as other women, your "appearance" can still be a 10 in his eyes.

An attractive appearance is based on the amount of effort you put forth when it comes to taking care of yourself. Do you show up for a date with half of your fingernail polish chipped off? Have you had the same haircut, style and color for the past 10 years? Freshening up your look will show him that you are willing to put forth the effort to impress him and will in turn cause him to fall for you!

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