Most recruiters only spend a few seconds reading each CV they receive. It is then important to submit a curriculum vitae that is out of the ordinary if do not want it to go unnoticed. Some candidates send really original CVs and therefore manage to retain the recruiter’s attention longer. Here is how to create that kind of catchy and effective resume.

Clearly Define your Goal on your CV

Clearly define your professional goal by choosing the right words. For this purpose, you have different options that are all performing. The first one is to focus your CV structure either on the position sought or on the type of contract, company, sector, geographic location. You can also target the position directly if you respond to a specific offer. The recruiter scans your goal in 5 seconds and knows if it meets their expectations. They will certainly appreciate that you do not waste their time with information that has no relevance for the hob sought. To complete your goal and give an overview of what you are looking for, offer a brief reading of your journey, and specify your targets in the short and medium-term. To make it even easier for the recruiter to see all this information, use the best CV template on
Take Care of your Photo

If you are really uncomfortable with it, do not put any photos. But if you decide to add one and that you choose it wisely, it can work on the favor. The point to insert a good quality photo, on a neutral background, with a frank, natural smile. If you are targeting a fairly formal company, dress soberly. If you are heading to a “liberated” company or a startup, you can reveal your personality a little more. For ladies, you can wear a headband, a barrette, a necklace that you like. For you gentlemen, the sweater or T-shirt you like instead of a shirt can do the trick. A photo catches the eye, and if you choose it properly, it makes the recruiter want to fully read the CV. On the other hand, we highly advise avoiding cropped photo taken during your last vacation, by the pool, in a bar, in a car, in your bathroom, etc. Whatever the position sought is, your photo must prove your professionalism. Otherwise, just forget about it.

Use the Colors of the Company on your CV

For a wow-effect, search on the internet for the font of the target company, as well as the Pantone of colors it uses, and integrate them into the curriculum vitae. There are online tools that will allow you to find the used font and colors. This tip is useful because it is a visual and direct way to show that your resume is applied to the right employer. It values your application because it proves your motivation and probably your adaptability. And by doing so, you can be sure to stand out from all the other candidates.

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