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You're most likely not driving your vehicle as much as you ordinarily would right now. The lock down has taken a huge number of drivers off the street and left numerous vehicles mulling on carports, in carports and along the edge of the street.

We can hardly wait to get pull out of the street once more, yet for the time being it's imperative to keep your vehicle left in the event that you don't have to utilize it for basic purposes. We don't have the foggiest idea to what extent the lock down will last, so it's a smart thought to set up your vehicle for capacity. That way, its condition won't disintegrate while you're not driving it, and it will be all set when we're totally permitted back in the driver's seat.

Here are our top tips for laying up your vehicle:

In or out

In the event that you have a carport available to you, clear some space and stick your vehicle in there to limit its danger getting canvassed in greenery, soil, winged creature mess or more regrettable rust. If not, an assortment of vehicle covers are accessible on the web; these can shield your vehicle from the most exceedingly terrible of the components. Continuously spotless your vehicle completely before putting it under any kind of spread to forestall any stuck-on grime harming the paintwork.

On the off chance that your vehicle is sufficiently fortunate to have a rooftop over its head, you should leave one of the windows marginally open to forestall the development of shape in the inside. Be cautious, however: any openings can permit bugs, little flying creatures and even rodents to enter your vehicle and make a home. Now and again, creatures have been known to bite wiring weaving machines, and dashboards to pieces, so check your vehicle normally for any undesirable visitors.

Brakes and tires

Any place you leave it, your vehicle ought to in a perfect world be on level ground with the handbrake off (this may sound weird, yet you truly don't need it to seize up). A decent pair of wheel chocks will stop your vehicle moving endlessly, yet raising it off the ground totally with a lot of hub stands will prevent your tires from growing level spots.

It's likewise worth recalling that brake plates erode immediately when not being used, so consistently ensure they're adequate while recommissioning the vehicle.


In case you're not driving your vehicle for significant stretches one after another, it will be the battery that begins to whine first. You may see your vehicle is more slow to begin when you return from a fourteen day occasion, and that is on the grounds that your battery has been gradually releasing since the vehicle was last determined.

Batteries abhor the cool, so we're fortunate (it could be said) that the climate has been heating up as of late, in light of the fact that this implies you don't have to stress a lot over purchasing a battery hotter when laying your vehicle up. However, to abstain from dishing out for another battery when the lock down closes, there are a couple of things you can do to safeguard it.

Utilizing your vehicle for any customary basic shopping excursions will keep up the battery's charge, gave the market is a couple of miles away, yet in case you're strolling to get your staple goods, put resources into a stream charger and leave your vehicle connected to the mains while it's not being used.

This ought to be self-evident, yet any electrical frameworks left running will rapidly sap your battery's quality, so ensure you've turned all lights and the sound system off.

Oil and coolant

While putting away your vehicle, you possibly need to change the motor oil on the off chance that it won't be driven again for in any event two or three months. Utilized engine oil contains synthetics and added substances that can harm mechanical parts after some time, so it's ideal to trade it out for some tidy liquid before hanging up your keys. Additionally start your vehicle every so often to permit the oil to course around the motor.

The equivalent goes for coolant, which ought to be supplanted before capacity. Take care to include the perfect measure of radiator fluid as per your vehicle's handbook.


You know in end of the world motion pictures where the legend is driving cycle an abandoned city in a muscle vehicle, years after the downfall of every other person on the planet? All things considered, don't attempt that at home. One thing Hollywood consistently appears to overlook is that fuel has an expiry date; your vehicle truly won't value being woken up after a long hibernation and being compelled to run on petroleum that is past its best.

Overflowing your tank will forestall a development of air and drag out the life of your fuel, yet an average fuel stabilizer can keep things new for as long as a year. At the point when the opportunity arrives to at last drive once more, make a point to check your fuel lines and seals for any indications of weakness or dryness.


In the event that you own a more up to date diesel vehicle, it's probable fitted with a diesel particulate channel (DPF), which expels hurtful substances from the fumes. In typical use, these spotless themselves in a regenerative procedure that happens when the motor is running at above 2500rpm for a drawn out period. During the lock down, it will be hard to reach, not to mention keep up, the paces vital for this to occur, and your DPF could get stopped up with residue in case you're utilizing it for rehashed short excursions. The best game-plan with a cutting edge diesel vehicle is to abstain from utilizing it in the event that you're ready to stroll to the shops, and afterward go for a major motorway impact when the lock down closes.


Beside the strength of your vehicle, there's the exacerbated danger of robbery or criminal harm that goes with leaving it unused for such a long time.

Your most solid option is to leave your vehicle completely secured and a sufficiently bright territory to deflect any future cheats from visiting under front of dimness. A decent guiding lock would be a sound speculation as well, since it's as a very remarkable obstruction as it is an impediment, similar to an obvious dashcam.

On the off chance that you drive a more current vehicle, there's a decent possibility it's furnished with keyless passage, so keep your vehicle enters in a Faraday pocket and well away from any windows or the front entryway.


While your vehicle is off the street, set aside some effort to get your desk work all together: check how long MOT you have left, guarantee your street charge has been paid and see that your protection is as yet substantial.

Contingent upon to what extent it will be off the street, it may merit applying a SORN (legal rough terrain notice) which advises the DVLA that you're not driving your vehicle on open streets, and that it is briefly absolved from street charge. It's significant that you have the SORN evacuated before driving on open streets once more.

Taking off once more

On the off chance that you take all the fundamental safety measures, your vehicle ought to be raring and all set once the lock down closes, yet ensure you keep a rundown of what you've done so you can set it up for ordinary use once more.

It's consistently a smart thought to wash off any residue, test the brakes and check the liquids before going for a drive. In any case, you ought to likewise ensure that you recharge your vehicle's MOT if important and that every single consumable part are still in useful condition.

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