A decline in annual per-capita real world GDP is increasing continuously due to the global recession induced by the pandemic. The first step taken by the businesses was to start working from home rather than devising new plans to tackle the unfortunate situation.

However, some of them have begun to fight through the situation. They are meticulously working by adopting new methods, and form strategies to boost trade and services, build up trust with the customers and improve their products and services.

But how are they going to achieve this? After a talk with some human resources experts, we came across some key pieces of information.

Set some ground rules before working from home

Lockdown has been a transforming period for many individuals as well as companies. The companies are surprised by the number of activities that can be performed for home. There are just some Work From Home (WFH) rules that need to be followed, and the work is done easily with some exceptions.

Agni Skafidas, a Dubai-based human resource expert, states that businesses should help and support its employees in every way possible: whether it is providing IT support to improve productivity or guiding employees to establish a work-from-home space for giving their undivided attention to their projects. Basic tools such as laptops, software, applications, passwords to access important information should be provided by the companies so that the employees could work peacefully at home.

As rightly said by an experienced HR consulting expert, Hassan Aljuaidi, this new phase of work-from-home came with lots of challenges despite providing support.

With the employers working continuously around the clock, completing their targets, increasing productivity in both quantity and quality, and struggling to meet clients' needs, the companies need to arrange clear guidelines about WFH policies to address the needs of the employees.

Experts consider the Zoom meeting sessions equally essential and beneficial for all the parties present. Knowing the unprecedented situation, the companies must keep track of employee's work conditions, discuss and address their problems and achievements, give them authority, and maintain team relations for mutual benefit. Both of the HR experts talk about the importance of good work conditions at home.

Establish smooth communication across all teams

Apart from tracking the progress reports on the projects, some protocols need to be established to provide special assistance when needed. Effective communication with the employees is important to provide personal support and guidance throughout the project.

Organizing meetings daily can help uplift the moral support of the employees and encourage them to work efficiently and swiftly without any hassle. The scheduled communications save the employees from untimely, repeated calls or texts and help them collaborate with the team more effectively and productively.

Again, our experts stress the importance of communication and the flowing of information amongst the employees. Values like motivation, inspiration, and dedication are developed and encouraged by the company and the team members' support.

Engage in virtual social events

Social interaction is essential as well as deemed healthy for an individual. The office is one of the places where we interact socially with co-workers and other professionals. Working from home can often be depressing for the majority of the employees. That is why the teams should connect virtually, if possible, to organize team events to maintain harmony and healthy relationships with the co-workers and provide support to each other during these challenging times.

Different employees might have a different reaction while adapting to these new circumstances. The WFH guidelines should be fair and flexible, and the effect should be the same for everyone. The company should ensure that all the policies are impartial to every member of the company. The companies need to be prepared to offer personalized solutions to the different problems being faced by the employees.

The companies should keep track of the employees and appreciate their work, offering solutions whenever they are stuck. Employers should always listen to them; this will keep their morale high and encourage them to work better and better.

Try to keep the morale high.

Now that the lockdown is lifted, companies need to lay down special guidelines to ensure immense support and help for the employees. Government regulations must be followed meticulously. The employees should be given a choice to come back and work or continue working in their home environments.

The companies should be extra careful and meet all government safety standards to ensure everyone's well-being before welcoming back employees to work. The employees should feel safe and well when they return to their workplace.

Maintaining communication has always been of utmost importance, and while this ensures healthy and peaceful relations with other co-workers and professionals, it aids in the overall development and productivity of the company. Providing support and assistance has always increased the morale of the employees.
Whether you’re starting a gradual return to office or still working remotely, good support and communication processes can increase employee productivity. Avail the experience of our certified business coaches for advice on business and marketing consulting and communication.

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Whether you’re starting a gradual return to office or still working remotely, good support and communication processes can increase employee productivity. Avail the experience of our certified business coaches for advice on business and marketing consulting and communication.