Image is everything when you are a celebrity. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and good work to build up a positive brand, but it only takes a few hours to demolish one completely, all thanks to the internet.

Looking at the likes of Taylor Swift, Christiano Ronaldo, and others who have garnered hundreds of millions of followers, we can see a universal trend. Which is? Taking their online reputation management seriously. Here’s what we can learn from Hollywood celebrities who have succeeded in building a positive brand.

Engage With Your Fans on Social Media

The age of faceless corporations is far gone. Fans and followers, now than ever before, crave for authenticity and transparency from the brands they patronize. That’s why the likes of Dwayne Johnson, the impressively muscled actor of Fast and Furious, posts mostly about his loved ones. Sometimes he even shares personal videos of himself singing or dancing. This doesn’t just happen. It’s a strategic way of rewarding his fans’ curiosity and giving them an unfettered glimpse into certain aspects of his daily life. The same should apply to your brand.

Get Good Press

You’re likely familiar with the phrase, ‘do good and it will surely come back to you’. That’s one thing that makes Taylor Swift a darling to many and a master at attracting followers. So, establish a foundation, commit to a charity, volunteer work, avoid compromising situations, and share lots of positive vibes. You’ll be surprised to see just much your reputation and following will grow.

Always be Professional

There’s no better way of saying this – being professional is everything. It’s one of the critical things you can do to maintain a positive celebrity brand image. Keep in mind that professionalism should apply across the board, from the way you work and treat people in public to how you respond after committing a faux pas.

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