Customer relations is no easy task. You encounter all sorts of faces and personalities daily that it can be hard to manage your time as well as your services for them. However, despite what may seem tiring on your end, part of job comes with keeping your customer happy. Keeping a good relationship with your customers is a great way to affirm your strategy as well as test the waters for new products with your best clients. Here are a few ways you can help maintain a squeaky clean relationship with your customers:

1. Know them by name. There’s nothing quite like knowing your clients personally and attending to them like they’re your favorites. Yes, each and everyone of them. Calling them by name enhances the rapport that you have established. Make sure you show interest in them as individuals to gain their trust. It’s a good way to make small talk without bombarding them with business. In fact, it’s the regular ones that can help you promote sales naturally.

2. Give them what is due. All customers have their expectations of you and one way you assure them that you are the best inbound customer support, means being honest and communicating with them effectively. If there will be a delay, let them know. Don’t leave them hanging or ever mislead.

3. Use promotional material. Who doesn’t like a freebie? The process of reciprocation takes place as soon as you offer them a promo. Loyal customers will be happy to know that you value them as well.

Customer relations is all about cajoling and making sure your customer gets what s/he needs. Be sure to make the most out of every conversation and deliver the best service to keep them loyal to your brand.

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Matt Hallaran is the founder of Sidekiiks Incorporated. Sidekiiks is an offshore outsourcing company that specializes in providing a wide range of business solutions such as Call Center Services, Executive Virtual Assistant & Online Marketing Management for lead generation to entrepreneurs and SME’s.