How to lower iron levels fastFerritin is one of the essential proteins in the body, which controls the absorption and release of iron. It is extremely important to maintain the good health and well-being of our organism. It is a complex protein that is made up of approximately 24 subunits and its main function is to maintain iron levels in the body more safely and non-toxic.You can read health articles in My Pk World .
Any increase or decrease in ferritin levels directly affects the secretion of iron and the entire blood system. Certain factors such as genetic predisposition, blood transfusion therapy, blood disorders, liver diseases can contribute to very high levels of ferritin. In turn the increase in these levels causes symptoms such as fatigue, skin diseases and serious cardiovascular diseases. In these cases specific treatments and therapies are applied to lower ferritin levels.
How to Lower Blood Ferritin Levels
The high levels of ferritin are easily detected with the help of a blood test. The normal range of ferritin for men is between 12 and 300 ng / ml (nanograms per milliliter), while for women it is 12 to 150 ng / ml. Any significant fluctuation at these levels is considered a disturbance. In such cases the physician may prescribe specific medications to regain a normal range of ferritin, but the patient may also improve his condition by putting the following suggestions into practice.
Limit iron consumption
The iron is the basic ferritin levels in blood. When a person is diagnosed with high ferritin levels, he must take steps to control these levels and prevent them from continuing to increase. Iron is one of the main components of the food we consume every day. If you want to control iron and ferritin levels it is necessary to avoid all foods rich in iron, such as vegetablesgreen beans, corn, watermelon, broccoli, potatoes, various types of grains, seeds, nuts, cereals such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, wheat germ, among others. If the person is taking any dietary supplement should make sure that it does not contain iron or vitamin C, as this favors the absorption of iron in the diet. Avoiding foods that contain yeast is also very important.
Donate blood
Blood donation is one of the most effective measures to lower ferritin levels. According to experts when certain amount of blood is eliminated, the iron content decreases as well as ferritin levels. It is therefore recommended that patients with high levels of ferritin donate blood on a frequent basis, making sure they do not have restrictions such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis or other health conditions.

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