A double chin looks really ugly and is a dead giveaway that you are overweight even if you are fully clothed. It may develop when one gets older but is usually the result of being overweight. Unless you were to cover your head with a cloth when you go out, otherwise you would not be able to hide your double chin. Therefore, if you do not want to give people the impression of you having a double chin or are fat, then you should read the following article carefully to find out what the best ways to lose those excess chin fats are.

First of all, making alterations to your diet will definitely help. By reducing the amount of fast food you take, you will be able to get a great start in improving your diet. You should replace foods like crackers and sweets with fruits and nuts!

Next of all, having a good posture can also help get your chin into shape. You should take special notice from today onward to always sit or stand straight with your chin up.

The following are two basic chin exercises to help you try to tone up your neck region.

The very first exercise will be known as the chin lift. This is a very simple to perform exercise. All that is required of you is to either stand or sit up straight and tilt your head back. You should then pucker your lips and stay in that position for five seconds before relaxing. This should be repeated for at least 5 times consecutively.

The next exercise will be known as the neck roll. To perform a neck roll, you start by taking a deep breath while slowly turning your neck around until your chin touches either one of your shoulders. Now you breathe out and rotate your neck so that your chin is touching your chest. Now repeat this for the other shoulder. This entire process is known as one cycle. You should ideally repeat this for at least five times in a row as well.

An interesting tip to help you lose your ugly double chin will be to talk and laugh more with your family and friends! Laughing and talking will help in keeping your neck muscles active and thus tone up your lower jaw region. Also, eating chewy foods is a great way to help your jaw stay in shape.

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