Does the heading seem too good to be true? Was your initial reaction one of suspicion and caution? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you are not alone. We have all been conditioned to believe that there are no miracle cures to our weight problems. The experts tell us repeatedly that the key to losing weight is to eat healthy and exercise a certain amount of time a day. But for so many this does not work, and we are left to ask, “Why can’t I lose weight”, or “why can’t I lose those last few pounds?”

The irony is that the answers are all within, literally. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, or to beat down on traditional medicine, but there are people in high places that do not want you to learn the truth about health, especially weight loss. The health industry is a multi-billion and possibly even trillion dollar industry, with the weight loss industry making up a significant portion of that. As the collective are starting to learn, there is nothing outside us that we need to make us healthy. This is not good for the powers that be, as that means they lose their money and subsequent power over us.

Again, there is no need to blame here, they are just doing what they think is right. Even so, we do not need to buy into this false perception of health any longer. Any type of medication is an outer counterfeit of innate healing abilities we already possess. We have been brought up to believe that material things outside us are what heal us, fulfil us, make us happy etc., but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, there is nothing outside us that we need that we don’t already have within.

All things in life are merely feedback of us; who we are at any one time. Health or lack thereof is feedback, in the same way that an argument is in a relationship, or getting advice from a boss or co-worker is in our job or career. Illness, injury or dis-ease is feedback from our bodies letting us know that something is out of balance within us, in our thoughts and/or emotions. The physical, mental and emotional are all interconnected; they are constantly in alignment with each other. The mental and emotional are causal levels, whereas the physical is only the level of effect.

What this means for us is, nothing physical can make us fat or overweight. In other words, eating too much food, not getting enough exercise etc., cannot make us put on weight. If these things do happen, they are the physical effect of underlying thoughts and emotions within us. These thoughts and emotions, at the level of cause, need to be expressed physically to keep in alignment, as they are all connected. This is why some people can eat ridiculous amounts of food, not do any exercise, and never put on any weight. We all know people like this.

Admittedly, this is a big shift in thinking and perspective compared to what is commonly understood about how health works. Many will argue that there are endless cases of people losing weight by exercising and eating healthy, nutritious diets. This is indeed the case, but unless it is accompanied by inner changes, the weight will inevitably return or the body will manifest another symptom as the feedback in its place. This is the biggest shift of all; to understand that nothing physical can cause or influence anything physical.

The only authentic way to change things on the physical level of effect is to change things in the mental and emotional levels of cause. An effect cannot create another effect. An effect cannot cure another effect. Only cause can create effect. Only cause can cure effect. Thus, the only sure fire way to lose weight permanently is to restore balance on the mental and emotional levels. Yes, you can lose weight physically by exercising and going on diets, but if you do not balance the cause within, the weight will come back. If you have ever lost bundles of weight only to put it back on, this is the reason why.

Every illness, injury or dis-ease has a specific set of mental and emotional causes to it. With weight issues, the cause mainly revolves around thoughts and feelings of shame. Most people that are obese, or highly overweight, had a situation or situations when they were young in which they were humiliated and felt ashamed as a result.

Being overweight represents having built a psychological wall around you, a barrier of fat to shield you from the outside world. It is common for people with excess fat to be deeply sensitive and they find it hard to take a deep, hard look at themselves in the mirror. It is also common for people to gain weight as a protective psychological barrier against the opposite sex. These people believe that their obesity will not be attractive to the opposite sex and they will therefore avoid being hurt, humiliated or emotionally abused by them.

Only by balancing these inner perceptions can a person lose weight and keep it off. If these inner changes are not made, the body will continue to communicate to us until we get the message and restore balance within us. Once the inner changes have been made, the physical will change accordingly. This is how it works with weight loss and with all other illnesses, injuries or dis-eases. There is no need for forced medication, diet or exercise, as they do not and cannot ever heal the cause. When you address and balance the cause within you, the physical effect will disappear automatically, without any extra physical effort on your part.

Author's Bio: 

Justin Lattaway is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist, and has a Bachelor of Sport Science through the Auckland University of Technology. Justin owns and operates his new business, Conscious Health & Wellbeing, which helps people to become healthy, balanced and whole, to live life free of illness, injury, stress and dis-ease. He is also a Christian, as he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Justin has been inspired by the likes of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Lise Bourbeau too name just a few. He has a strong interest in metaphysics and universal principles and loves to apply this knowledge into his work. It is his view that every single person has the resources and tools innately within them to overcome all illness, injury and dis-ease. One of his favourite sayings is that there is nothing outside us that we need that we do not already have within.

In his spare time, Justin likes to play sport, read books, volunteer in the community and listen to inspiring music. You can learn more about Justin by visiting his website or his facebook business page.