Pu-erh usually has to be brewed one or two times before the third one is used for drinking. The first one or two brews can wash away the bitter taste and accumulate precipitated impurities. In addition, the quality of the water used for making tea is very important. The mineral water or Mountain spring water is brewed, and the grasp of temperature is also the key. Cooked Pu-erh uses blisters above 100 ℃, while raw tea is about 80 ℃.

Pu-erh tea can lose weight mainly because of the role of oligosaccharides in Pu-erh tea. Oligosaccharides are a general term for sugars composed of 2-10 monosaccharide units. It enhances immunity by improving the good growth of microorganisms in the body and inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms. The sweetness of oligosaccharides is about 20% -70% of sucrose. The taste is similar to sucrose, but it will not cause oral bacteria like sucrose. Breeds and produces acidic substances to attack teeth. Oligosaccharides have no effect on blood glucose levels and insulin secretion. Sucrose will promote the rise of neutral fats, and oligosaccharides do have the effect of promoting blood sugar decline. The fructooligosaccharides in oligosaccharides can also directly adsorb pathogenic bacteria, causing the pathogenic bacteria to shed from the intestinal tract, thereby playing the role of "cleansing" the intestinal wall of pathogenic bacteria. Fructooligosaccharides can help reduce blood glucose and neutral fat. Similarly, it helps to control blood cholesterol. Its physiological mechanism is similar to dietary fiber, which can be combined with cholic acid and bile salts to expel it from the body and prevent reabsorption. This is the biological principle of Pu-erh tea's weight loss benefit.
【Pu-erh Tea Diet Method】:
(1) Breakfast:
1. The choice of office workers is usually: sandwiches, buns, bread or buns (choose one);
2. Puer tea 10g brew 250ml of hot water;
3. Add 500ml of fresh milk after soaking for 5 minutes (add some sugar according to personal taste).
(2) Next lunch:
1. Puerh tea 37.5g 1500ml hot water, 500ml before meals;
2. Drink 500ml after a meal;
3. Drink 500ml when you are thirsty or hungry;
4. Take a small amount of intake system.
(3) Dinner:
1. Take a small amount of intake system;
2. Drink Pu-erh tea (500g from 20g) after a meal.
(4) Other matters needing attention:
1. Disable midnight snacks;
2. Drink puer tea when you are hungry;
3. The longer the year of Pu-erh, the better, not only can it help digestion, but also break down fat;
4. The eating time of three meals a day should be consistent;
5. The stomach has the strongest gastrointestinal absorption capacity, and all the calories you eat will be received, so if you want to lose weight, it is best to reduce your intake at lunch.

Choose raw or cooked tea:
Pu-erh is divided into two types: raw Pu-erh and cooked Pu-erh. Raw Pu-erh is to pick up fresh tea leaves and store it for five to ten years before taking it out for drinking. This kind is called Raw Pu-erh, which has a good collection value, while Cooked Pu-erh is directly picked. Tea can be drunk after fermentation and is a kind of instant tea. The color of raw Pu-erh is lighter, the color of cooked Pu is darker, the cooked Pu is also lighter in color, and the color of Cooked Pu-erh is more intense. Put Cooked Pu-erh in a glass and look carefully in the sun. The color of cooked Pu-erh is like a glass of red wine.

For people with anemia, drinking raw Pu-erh is not suitable. The reason is that the new tea produced from the sun is bitter, and it is more "overbearing" to drink. People who are thin and anaemic are not suitable for drinking. While cooked Pu-erh is directly picking the tea leaves and fermenting it to remove the bitter taste of Raw Pu-erh, this tea is suitable for most people to drink for health, stomach, blood pressure and blood fat reduction.

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