If you are over 50 and carrying more stomach fat than you would like, you may be having a hard time getting rid of it. In fact, you may be tempted to give up on doing anything about it. Particularly, if you have tried the diets and the exercises that were full of promises but ended in disappointment. You may be trying to get used to the idea that you that you are always going to be this way. Many people feel this way because it all seems too hard.

The Best Diet is No Diet

Most diets do not work. Fad diets come and go and are generally impractical and end up becoming boring. Starvation diets can be dangerous and they leave you hungry and craving for the foods you are not supposed to eat, which makes it harder not to eat them. In fact, the best diet is no diet.

This does not mean you can eat whatever you like whenever you like but it does mean eating the right food – food that will help you lose you stomach fat. There are a surprising number of foods that actually do that. The solution is simple: we replace the fat-building foods with the fat-busting foods. The solution is not only simple but it is practical – we can all do it. The key is to take action.

Take some simple steps and build on them:

  1. Make a list of the foods you love to eat, even though you know they make you put on weight. You know the ones – cakes, pastries, fast food, French fries, sugary drinks. Think about which ones you can cut down on or eliminate completely. Can you eat a little less?
  2. Replace some of those with healthy, high fibre food to help the elimination process. Start the day with high fibre foods - fruit, nuts, oats or other natural breakfast cereal. Cut down on the cereals with very high sugar content.
  3. Drink plenty of water. This can help with elimination and satisfy hunger. Sometimes we are looking for food when, in fact, our bodies need fluid.
  4. Start a regular exercise program – an activity you can do and can maintain. If you have not been exercising, then you should start slowly and build up your activity. Walking, swimming, cycling, stretching are all good.
  5. Concentrate on things you can do most of the time. There is no point in rushing into giving up on all the things you like or starting into a hectic exercise regime, as this is not likely to last. Give yourself time and gradually change your eating and lifestyle habits. You want these good habits to last for years to come.

You still have time to work on reducing your stomach fat so you will reduce your weight, which will improve your general health. It is important to address these things now so that you will not go into old age in poor health or with poor mobility.

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For more tips and guidance on how you can lose your stomach fat, go to http://www.lose-stomach-fat-in-your-50s.com/ William Burnell has enjoyed the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle for many years. He likes to encourage others to do the same.