Getting old is a frightening prospect. Most of us worry we’ll no longer be able to enjoy life and instead face one frustration after another. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As many spunky and vital seniors testify, with the right attitude and a strategic approach to healthy living, your older years can be just as rich.

Take Rebecca R. of San Antonio, Texas, for example . . .

“I tell you, I’m amazing!” says Rebecca, chuckling to herself.

And truly, there’s no disputing this. As Rebecca describes - with a healthy dose of wonder in her voice - she defies all the gloomy predictions about getting older. Well into her 80’s, she has a busy and active schedule. She plays bridge, walks every day, is active in her church and regularly gets involved in the activities organized at her retirement community.

What’s her secret?

Rebecca attributes her good health to taking chlorella supplements and her belief in God.

“I thank that chlorella for my good health!” exclaims Rebecca. Since 2009, she’s taken 15 chlorella tablets without fail every day. “I’ve just had my blood work done and my cholesterol is normal. My blood pressure is normal. My triglycerides are normal. Once in a while I may have a back ache. But at my age, who doesn’t.”

As Rebecca has discovered, chlorella is great for all around health.

• A pilot study in Japan revealed chlorella seems to help your body maintain normal cholesterol levels.[1]
• When it comes to keeping your joints moving smoothly, a small clinical study has shown chlorella can help with minor pain and inflammation. [2]
• And when it comes to immune health, numerous studies have demonstrated chlorella helps keep your internal defenses strong.[3]

“I don’t know the last time I’ve been sick. I live in Texas so I get some allergies occasionally. But the only operation I’ve had was a broken ankle.”

As she points out, most of her neighbors need the assistance of a cane, walker or wheelchair. Rebecca doesn’t need any help. Instead she often helps push people’s chairs into the dining room. And she walks for exercise every day.
In addition to lots of walking, Rebecca drives herself everywhere. And during the day, she doesn’t need glasses to see where she’s going. She only uses them to read.

When people ask her how she manages to stay so vital, she shares with them her information about chlorella algae. “But I can’t make them do it if they don’t want to take it. It’s unfortunate . . .”

Rebecca knows what it’s like to face off with health challenges. Though she never smoked, she developed COPD from second-hand smoke. And while in college she came down with Meniere’s disease. With the loss of hearing this disease caused, she had to drop out of school for a year. But she didn’t let that stop her. She went on to serve as an Air Force nurse. Well before Rebecca discovered chlorella and added it to her diet, her indomitable spirit helped her take on these challenges and live a full life.

Rebecca’s energy and enthusiasm for life continues to fuel her in her senior years and spills out as she talks. “They can’t believe I’m this active at my age. When I look around me at other people slumped over or crippled at my age, I think I’m pretty amazing, too.”

As Rebecca demonstrates, your later years can be amazing. It’s up to you. Simply by mixing a positive attitude with good nutrition and a fair amount of activity, you can cook up some golden years filled with joy.


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