Google Suite, or G Suite as we know it, is one of the most useful features that come in handy as far as all sorts of businesses are concerned. With the G suite, you can not only manage your company’s business domain, but you can also perform an array of activities with the all-rounder applications that are available on the suite.

No matter which plan you choose to subscribe for G Suite, it is natural to feel like you need to save some money on it. There are several ways as to how you can go on to save your money on a G Suite account, be it basic or business.
The First Year Promotion

In order to avail a 20% off G Suite promo code for each month, for the first year, all you need to do is use the 14-day free trial and then move on to filling your application and sign-up form. The moment you choose to get subscribed, Google automatically gives you a 20% off coupon that is subtracted from your final amount for the month.

Multiple Businesses; One Account

If you’ve taken up more than one business under your wing, it is pointless to keep creating a paying for all the domains, one by one. What you can do instead, is add one of your core business domains as the primary license and the other can be enlisted in secondary licenses or domains. This way you don’t just save a lot of money on subscription, but you can also be able to access all your domains in one place, without having to sign in and sign out of multiple admin consoles for each account.

After A Year

If you’re willing to commit to the G Suit membership for more than just the first year, it is a good idea to shift your package to annual instead of monthly. By choosing the annual plan, you will be saving up to 17%, which as compared to shelling out the total monthly expense without a promo code, is a better option. This will also save you from the unending payment cycles that come month after month.

G Suite Groups

Instead of buying new licenses for your email ID’s or your domain names and spending double and triple the amount of money each month, you can choose to use the group feature that will enable you to send and receive emails without incurring a large cost. All you need in order to successfully run this communication operation on Google Groups is being an admin wired to the G-Suite admin console. You can do so by selecting the ‘groups’ option on the admin console and add your new group and its users.

Choosing a Reseller

Resellers who partner with Google work on the commission that they get with each account transfer. In this situation, the catch for you, as a consumer of the G Suite, is that you can get up to a 10% discount on your monthly or annual billings. This can work wonders for you, especially after your first year G Suite promo code (that gave you a 20% cut) gets all used up. Hence, for the consecutive years, you can choose to transfer your account to a reseller.

The Category of Your Business

In case you’re running an educational institute or a non-profit organization, G Suite gives you the chance of running your account entirely free, with just a few conditions. In case your company is educational, the numbers of users that can be added are unlimited, and the account is entirely free. In case of non-profits, there are a few clauses that you must know about.

These are a few cost-effective ways that will enable you to save a good amount of money on G Suite.

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