How To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From A Career You’ll Love

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” ―Louise Hay
“When I grow up I’m going to trap myself into a job I hate but feel like I can’t leave.”

Said no one ever.

Except you’re haunted by the feeling maybe you really did tell yourself this. Maybe you cursed yourself. Because your job feels like a steel trap rusted shut on you.

Maybe you pursued a perfectly good profession because your family expected you to. Seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

Or you wandered into a career because it paid really well. Ok, so money can’t buy happiness but then again, neither can poverty.

The Fears That Could Keep You Stuck Forever

As much as you detest your current job, when you think about changing careers you’re flooded with fear.

What will your family say?

Shouldn’t you be content with what you have? Count your blessings and all that? So many people have it worse than you.

Or what if you don’t make as much money? You might end up homeless, eating cat food out of a can.

Your fear paralyzes you into place.

One Simple Way To Kick Your Limiting Beliefs To The Curb

But what if you could let go of those fearful beliefs and free yourself to discover a career you love?

Even though your beliefs feel so ingrained it’s as though they’ve been tattooed on your soul, I’ll show you a straightforward way to let them go.

All you need is a pen or pencil and a pad of paper, and an open mind.


Let’s go!

Write down your limiting beliefs on paper. Take your time with this. Jot them down as they occur to you, until you feel like you’ve identified the main ones. It may take a week or more to get them all down on paper, and that’s fine.
Honor them. Yes, this sounds odd, but at one time your beliefs kept you safe. Say aloud “Thanks for protecting me, but it’s time to let you go now.”
Release them – burn the paper and imagine the smoke is carrying them away, or tear the paper into pieces and throw them into the trash.
Tell your beliefs goodbye.
Smile! (Because smiling releases endorphins, the brain chemicals that make you feel happy.)
You’ll probably need to repeat this exercise several times. Beliefs can be as tough to remove as a red wine stain from a white couch. So expect you won’t be done the first time – oh, and no beating yourself up for having to do this more than once.

Here’s How You’ll Feel

When you’ve let go of your crippling beliefs, you’ll feel the lightness of relief. You’ll be eager to explore ideas that will help you discover a fulfilling new career.

You’ve freed yourself to imagine how good your life will be when you enjoy going to work. When you feel blessed every morning; full of purpose and passion. And happy to have found a meaningful profession which feeds your soul instead of sucking it dry.

Time To Let Go

You may think this sounds too good to be true.

I get it.

You’ve been bombarded with “Follow your passion to a new career!” messages that make it sound so simple to walk away, leaving you to wonder if you’d have to be an emotionless robot to pull it off.

You’re not wrong to feel skeptical.

But if you follow these steps to release your limiting beliefs, you can free yourself to not only discover a career you’ll love, but also to create a plan to get you there.

A plan that’s based on optimism instead of fear.; which respects your personal needs while steadily supporting you toward your new profession.

And when you’re free from the limitations of old beliefs, the sky’s the limit.

So get on it, would you?

Your perfect career is waiting for you.

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