This is part three of a series of four articles explaining how to leave your job in 6 months or less using the 2K System. In this article we will go over Phase Two of the 2K System.

Phase Two- Network Marketing and Team Building

Phase Two of the 2K System introduces a second stream of income by building a network marketing organization. You will also spend more time developing your leadership skills.

At first we were going to incorporate several MLM Companies into the 2K System, but I realized that I did not love network marketing that much.

The dilemma was finding a network marketing company that would fit into the 2K System

Some of the things we looked for were:

1. A low monthly expense
2. A good Weekly compensation
3. Related products and/or services that would help a business owner promote their primary business...not distract them from it.

My Video Talk fit perfectly. The investment to get started is only $399.90 and then $49 per month, which brings the total cost of fixed business expenses related to the 2K System to $60 per month.

If your first affiliate check from Phase One is $2,000 or more, that would mean that you have already brought at least 20 people into the 2K System.

Since My Video Talk has a binary compensation plan, you would only need 2 people to join you out of those 20.

You would earn $100 per person.

From that first $100 you would take $60 to pay your monthly business expenses, and then save the other forty dollars. From the second $100, you would save $50 and put the other $50 towards your marketing budget.

Therefore your goal would be to sponsor two people your first month and then one person every month after that.

This should be easy to do with the marketing strategies that you will be learning.

Once you have $50 in your marketing budget, you will learn some paid strategies that will generate leads and get results for you much more quickly.

As your income increases, you should increase your marketing budget proportionally.

This will lead us into Phase Three of the 2K System...Automation.

Phase Three is the final phase and we will cover that in the fourth and final article.

Much Success,

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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