Do you know that 53% of marriages in the U.S, 68% in Portugal, and 71% in Belgium end up in court in 2018? The insane statistic above is the main reason why young people nowadays are so skeptical about getting married!

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Everyone wishes to spend the rest of their life with the “right” ones. It’s hard to have and maintain such a relationship in these modern days.

Well, we agree that marriage is an erratic journey. But that doesn’t mean fairytales don’t exist. You can still have a happy-forever-after marriage. We have a few tips helping you materialize this. Read on to know!

Crystal Clear Signs Of a Long-Lasting Marriage!

Do you know little things in your daily life can portray your marital status? Check these significant signs of a lifelong relationship to find out!

Trust Each Other

Trust is the key and perhaps the most important factor in any relationship.  Without it, all the other following predictors are meaningless.

Trust is a complicated topic. Some offer trust unconditionally while others stay with trust issues. So how can you evaluate the trust level in your marriage?

A piece of cake! Just answer these questions: Is he/she reliable enough for you to confide in or ask for help? Can you count on your partner when huge issues occurred in your life? Does your spouse trust you?

If they are all “yes,” congrats!

Communicate A Lot

Now, don’t get us wrong. We do not only mention about talking. Yes, sitting together and discussing your long day or a good movie count. But we also want to emphasize the listening part.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner did a lot of talking, and all you did was to sit there and listen? It sucks!

One of the worst feelings in the world is explaining your thoughts when your significant other doesn’t care enough to listen. It’s disrespectful.

Having a spouse who isn’t all about him/her, who listens and takes time to analyze your concerns is the real sign of a long-lasting marriage.

Admit Your Errors

No one (even the mighty God) is perfect. We are just human beings, and it’s okay to screw up sometimes.

But the challenging part here is to admit you made mistakes. It’s one thing that every couple has been through and an essential sign of a lifelong marriage, too.

It’s annoying to admit that we’re wrong, but it’s essential in building a strong bond and shows one’s vulnerability. Denying your faults means you care about being right more than your partner’s feeling and the truth.

Forgive and Forget

We’ve seen a lot of couples who’ve been together for years and things run smoothly. But as soon as they have a little tiff, they bring up the mistakes happened a long time ago and use them as ammunition.

We could immediately tell their relationships will not last if this issue continues. Why?

As stated above, everybody missteps at some point. And keep complaining about them makes both of you exhausted and disheartened. It doesn’t fix the issue!

Instead, find a solution, then forgive. However, forgiveness only means to excuse the deed; another necessary step is to forget.

Pardoning one’s mistakes initially and bringing them up later to prove your point doesn’t do either party any good. In return, it creates tensions and shows you don’t accept the imperfections of your partner.   

Be Yourself

Do you feel perfectly comfortable exposing yourself around your significant one? If so, you’ve got the right partner for a lifetime relationship.

Nowadays, it’s too common to be judged for your differences. So finding one who accepts the real you and encourages your characteristics is an extraordinary experience.

Wearing a mask in front of your loved one is exhausting. Frankly, a relationship built on this is also formed on lies. Doing this creates a false foundation; so everything comes after is shaky.

Fix It Rather Than Kick It Away

Once, we asked a couple the secrets of their successful 65-year marriage. Believe it or not, their answer has surprised all of us.

“We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away.” Short yet meaningful. It raises an enormous issue we all bear.

When living in a fulfilled generation, it’s easy to throw away broken things and buy new ones. This attitude works with objects, but it ruins relationships.

There are good times and bad times. At a certain part of your marriage, things will go up and down. But when it comes, sit down together and find the solution. That’s what a long-term couple would do!

How to Build a Long-term Marriage!

Okay! We know right now some of you might be freaked out because of not seeing those signs above in your relationship.

But that’s fine! We are here to show you how to achieve (or maintain) a happy-forever-after marriage!

Let’s see what we can do:

Communicate More

As mentioned above, good communication is probably one of the most critical indicators of a lasting relationship. Who can count how many times presumptions, guesses, and misunderstandings destroy a marriage?

Tell your spouse about your feelings even when that might upset him/her. Without confirmations, a small issue can turn into a deal-breaker. Therefore, if you go for the long run, you’d better speak it out.

Ask Your Partner What They Want

Well, you might know the golden rule existed for hundreds of years - “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” To us, it’s a fantastic way to start your relationship, but in a marriage, things don’t work like that.

Most times, your spouse doesn’t want to be treated the way you want to treat them. Yes, it sounds complicated, but no one wants to be treated in the same way.

Sometimes, even though you have the best intentions, it still annoys him/her. So, instead of guessing and assuming, ask your partner. It’s all about the art of communication!

Keep The Spark Alive

For a long-term relationship, it’s easy to lose the spark. And one of the best advice we can give you to spice up everything is to have sex frequently.

We understand that it’s challenging to keep things fresh, especially when you’ve been together for years. You two probably won’t want to have sex as frequent as before. But don’t let your sexual patterns become boring.

Try something new to stir your sexual routine up!

All things wrapped,

After all, marriage is all about both parties making efforts. If you genuinely love your partner and invest both time and efforts on him/her, a happy-forever-after marriage is in the palm of your hand.

If you are facing issues, try some of our tips above and share them with your spouse. As always, please Like/Share/Subscribe to our page to find out more helpful content every week! Wish you the best!

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