Between 20% and 30% of men believe they suffer from early ejaculation. However early ejaculation is when you finish in the first 2 minutes of sexual activity. It is considered that it normally takes a man between 5 and 10 minutes to have an ejaculation. If you suffer from early ejaculation, we recommend consulting with a urologist or psychologist, depending on what is causing the condition or you should read our guide how to last longer in bed?

In case you are in a normal range, we have several recommendations to the last longer. First, we start with some actions that you can take during sex or a few moments before:

Change your position: Before you reach the point of having an orgasm, you can change your position. For example from missionary to puppy. This allows you to get out of the vagina to get some rest and then continue.

Retardant spray: They sell a retardant spray that reduces the intensity of the sensations and therefore makes you last longer. Something to take into account is that many of these are transmitted to your partner and with it, the sensations that she/he has are also diminished.

Do something else: Before reaching the point of orgasm, remember that sex is not just about penetration. You can go out and do some oral sex, grab a toy, or whatever your partner likes. This will give you time to recover and then continue.

Medication: Some medications such as Dopaxetine that help prolong the time, however, we recommend you consult your doctor.

Condoms: If you do not use a condom, this is a good way to reduce the sensation and also decrease the probability of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases. Some companies also sell condoms with benzocaine, which further reduces sensations. The advantage is that since the substance is contained in the condom, your partner maintains her sensitivity.

Press the head: Before you have an orgasm, you grab the head of the penis and press hard until the urge to ejaculate disappears.

All of the above suggestions are relatively easy to apply. However, in the next section, I want to share some techniques that require work but are very worth it as they allow you to learn to control your orgasms more effectively.

2 exercises have been shown to increase the ability to last longer. These two methods that we will show are also used to control early ejaculation.

When you masturbate or have the sex you will notice that there is something called the point of no return (Edging). Once you get to this point you ejaculate even if you stop touching yourself.

To practice edging, you have to masturbate to almost that point of no return. You stop immediately and wait a few seconds for you to relax. Try to breathe deeply to control yourself faster. Once you're calm, jerk off again until you almost reach the point of no return and stop again. Repeat this several times.

It is very likely that at first you will fail and end up ejaculating the first time. It doesn't matter, it's normal. You need to practice to get to know your body, identify this point of no return, and know when to stop touching yourself. As you begin to master this, you will be able to edge 1, 2, 3, or more times. You will notice that the more edging you do in a session, the more difficult it will be to control yourself and you will have more intense orgasms.

There is an important note that I want to make here since the orgasms are more intense after edging. Many people make the mistake of keeping up the ante. To the point that they always require very long masturbation sessions to reach orgasm. If you get to this point, you need to practice the opposite, having orgasms in 5 or 10 minutes.

People with urinary incontinence are generally advised to exercise their pelvic floor muscles. However, it has been shown that having strong pelvic muscles also helps to prolong ejaculation and have more intense orgasms.

To do kegel exercises, the first thing we have to do is identify the muscles. This is very simple, do you remember when you were little and you wanted to urinate? One of the things you did was squeeze your glutes.

Well, those muscles that you were tense are the ones you have to exercise. They are the same muscles that you tense so that you don't get gas. Another way to locate and exercise them is to try to stop the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom.

To perform the exercise, you simply tense these muscles for 3 seconds and relax them for another 3 seconds. Repeat this 30 times a day. At first, it is probably easier to do it lying down, but soon you will learn to perform the exercises sitting and standing. This allows you to exercise while working or standing in line, hahaha.

When you do edging, you will find that you end up squeezing your pelvic floor muscles to avoid having an orgasm. By doing both exercises you will notice changes more quickly compared to just doing 1 of the exercises. If you can't take the time to do both exercises, we recommend that you only focus on the edge.

Edging and kegel exercises are in my opinion the best methods, however, this does not mean that you cannot use the others together or as a substitute. Remember that even if you increase the time in which you have an orgasm, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to please your partner. Since only 18% of women can have an orgasm through penetration, we recommend you check this blog to learn more about how to give your partner an orgasm:

Lasting longer also has its downsides. Just as some men find it hard to maintain an erection for a long time, women also have difficulty maintaining vaginal lubrication for a long time. So having a lubricant on hand is a good idea. For some women, it can also cause conflict that their partner takes a long time to ejaculate.

Since they may think that they are not doing something right or that you are not enjoying it. Which can lead to self-esteem issues? If this is the case, be open about the situation. Talk about the exercises you are doing or let your partner know that she/he is not the reason why you take longer to ejaculate.

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How to Last Longer in Bed: Methods for Men to Try. When you have the time, slow and steady often makes for the best sex.