A personal injury lawsuit is essentially a court case in which someone who suffers an injury due to the actions of another person files a suit. This can include an accident caused by a distracted driver or an injury that you sustained in your favorite store. You might suffer a mild injury that has a short recovery time or extensive injuries that require a hospital stay and physical rehabilitation. Though some think that they can handle these cases without any help, an experienced lawyer can help you get the case resolved quickly and the compensation that you deserve. You just need to know when and why you might need a lawyer.

Placing Blame

You need a lawyer if you're involved in a case where you are not sure who is at fault. After a car accident, the police on the scene can determine who the guilty party is based on the evidence that they see. If you slipped on a wet floor in a store, you can blame the store for the accident. You do not always know who to blame though, which is why you want to hire a lawyer. This also ensures that other people do not blame you and file different claims.

Denied Coverage

Talking to a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham AL or your particular locale helps you avoid the hassles of insurance companies. Insurers will often attempt to settle cases before going in front of a judge. The insurer may offer you an amount that seems good and pressure you to accept it quickly and close the case. There is always a chance that you might get more than the first amount offered. When you talk to a lawyer, the lawyer can determine how much compensation you deserve based on factors such as how much time you missed and the size of your medical bills.

More Than One Party

Contact a lawyer after an incident involving more than one party, especially if you aren't sure who caused the injury. This is common during car accidents. Let's say that someone hit your car when you were at a red light. While you might blame the person directly behind you, you may find that another vehicle hit that car and pushed it into you. In cases involving a store or business, your lawyer can determine whether the business was responsible or if a contractor who worked for them was at fault.

Delayed Response

After you cause a car accident and contact your insurer, the company will immediately take steps to connect with other drives to settle the claim. If you're the injured party, you may find that the responsible person's insurer does not react as quickly. Not only can they take weeks to respond to letters that you write, but they can put you on hold for hours when you call. If you find that the insurer continually puts you off or refuses to talk with you about the case, consult with a lawyer. The lawyer will make sure that you hear something back quickly.

Statute of Limitations

According to Nolo, the statute of limitations on personal injury cases is two years. The clock starts ticking the day the injury occurs. There are only a few situations where you can file a case after this deadline. Many people do not know that a statute of limitations exists or how it works. This law prohibits you from seeking compensation due to an injury that occurred more than two years ago. If you worry that too much time will pass before you can file or come close to this deadline, you should speak to a lawyer.


Personal injuries can cause both temporary and permanent disabilities. A minor car accident might cause whiplash that keeps you from working for a few months. Serious accidents can lead to significant trauma and high medical bills that you cannot pay on your own. Lawyers are available to guide you through the process of filing a claim and deciding how much compensation to seek. The amount depends on your age, the severity of your injury and other factors. Don't spend long hours worrying about how you will pay your bills or take care of your family. Knowing when you need a personal injury lawyer can help you get compensated quickly.

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