To answer this common question:- when you paint your interior walls- depends on what condition they lie or whether you are looking to change your wall colour.

In comparison to the other home improvement operations, painting the interior walls of your house is way less expensive, but it can make a huge impact on your home aesthetics.

So, if you are planning to re-paint your interior walls anytime soon, then here are some clear signs that you should do it immediately.

You Notice Signs Of Discolouration

Quality paints retain its lustre, shine and smoothness for an impressive span of time. For that, it pays well to search for the right type and brand of paint you wish to use for your interior walls.

Also remember that if the paint is exposed more to the sun, it will start to discolour. And after months, you will notice faded spots, which truth be told. That never bodes well for your interior wall appearance. 

So, if your painted walls aren’t as vibrant as before, then it is time to schedule an appointment with reputed house painting contractors in Karratha to treat your walls and make them inviting professionally and eye-pleasing.

The Wall Paints Have Started To Flake

It is always important to choose the quality paint for the interior walls- mainly to prevent them from flaking or peeling. You also need to bear in mind that some areas of your home will be subjected to peeling more than others.

Take for example- Your bathroom, the kitchen area, will experience more signs of peeling if quality paint wasn’t used. Furthermore, these areas experience high humidity and pose more risks of your painted walls peeling.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the wall surface is not prepared properly prior to painting, then the existing paint will peel off.

You Are Bored of Your Current Colour

With time and more exposure to the dirt and pollutants; the interior wall colour will get dirty, drab and in-desirable. This diminished paint appearance also makes them boring.

So, if it so happens that you’re bored of your existing wall paint and want to infuse new life into it, then you can set an appointment with a licensed painting contractor and re-paint your walls with the colour of your choosing.

Mould Marks & Spots

Mould stains can always deteriorate the appeal of the interior walls and make it unwelcoming. Left unchecked, they can result in a lot of health concerns for each member of the house.

However, such mould damage signs can be easily identified and taken care of by professional painting contractors serving the region. All it takes is a pre-paint wall treatment followed by a fresh lick of paint over that surface to infuse new life into them.

So, if you notice any signs of mould damage, then schedule an appointment with your painting expert serving Karratha to quickly fix it.

Signs Of Water Damage Due To Plumbing Leaks

Water damages can always happen due to a plumbing leak, roof leak, water heater mishap and more. Each of these can leave behind rather unpleasant looking marks, streaks, brown/yellow spots and other forms of deformities on the interior walls.

However, before you aim to paint the walls, replace the existing drywall as they might turn into a potential breeding ground for moulds, germs and other damages.

Look for these common signs and always take help from professional painting contractors serving the region to ensure the task is done to perfection.

Author's Bio: 

The author by profession is a house painting contractor serving Karratha for years and has completed numerous residential painting projects within that tenure. The author is also an avid writer and loves to educate the readers on colour trends and DIY tricks relating to painting or wall preparation.