Asking for the truth is the ultimate question but first we have to know how to know it.

The way is through direct experience by our objective observation of our self.

Can you see how subjective you are in your view of everything you encounter. How everything you hear about you fit into your previous formulated view of the subject or view it from the point of comparisons of previously formulated information in your memory. Or even worse, you view it from the point of view of your desires and how this fits in to serving or hindering attaining your desires, and that could be for a thing or food or companionship etc.

Taking an example from my answer to a students questions referring to the love she feels she gets from her cats; " need love, to get and to give, your human self needs companionship of any kind, that is the nature of the animal we are, as is the nature of most animals, the animal nature is commonly known..." She had attributed the human capacity to love on to her cat. Her need of human love was unfulfilled and so since the cat was giving what she perceived to be affection, she added to that love. Here we see that sometimes we attribute feelings or actions to another being that they have nothing to do with and do not possess.

This projection of what we need on to another being is the subconscious means of providing us what we need and are not getting through normal channels. This is a common way of lying to our self, and creating a false image of another person or being. This is living in illusion by seeing something capable and doing something it is not.

When you do this, you set yourself up for great disappointment when the other person or situation does not continue with your falsely created image.

With all situations, all you have to do is observe objectively, that is of course once you learn how to do that. This means seeing everything and everyone as they are, not as you wish them to be. It is not so hard actually, just look at how you feel when you have an opinion of anything, observe how it effects you. If you can see how everything effects you, how you are effected by it, then you will see how subjective you are.

Next, you remove that subjective view from the observation. Having removed the subjective desires or needs or previously formulated opinions from your view of something, then it automatically becomes an objective view.

Observe constantly how you actually need or want everything that you have an opinion on, and once that is removed, just like the dirt on the window, everything becomes clear.

Another analogy would be a balance scale with two plates. One is full of opinions and the other is empty. Of course the full one is weighted down on its side. Instead of adding to the empty side to balance it off, you remove each opinion one by one until the both plates are empty.

This is not to say you have nothing, no opinions, no views and so on. But rather that you are completely open to receive and view everything objectively without any of your own dirt to contaminate it. You have achieved balance. Opinions throw you off balance.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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