Sometimes healing qualities or abilities are discerned from some type of amazing or magical feat. This isn’t necessary. Other times someone in a health care profession is thought of as a natural healer. This is a transformational time. As more people begin to awaken to inner spirituality and people who have been awake deepen the experience, the importance of what has been considered mundane or even negative grows. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do people often ask you for advice?
2. Do you let people vent, even if you have nothing to do with the source of their frustration?
3. Are you often asked to accompany people to places in order to help them feel more comfortable?
4. Do people find your presence soothing?

If you have answered “yes” to most of these questions (and there are other indicators as well), chances are you are a healer and you don’t know it. If you’re a healer and you’re already aware of it, you’ve likely put these types of things into perspective already. Congratulations.

A healer is a person who exudes a positive and calming quality of energy in most situations, and/or who catalyzes positive growth and change. I say “most” because nobody is 100% consistent or perfect. Even healers are human, and have human needs.

Oftentimes young or inexperienced healers, or people just coming into the realization of their healing ability, become confused. Empathic healers naturally absorb the energy of the people in their environment. This means absorbing emotions that belong to someone else.

Because of this, frustration may ensue, and, upon examination, have no apparent cause. You can’t find a cause because there isn’t one to be found within. Certainly, most of us have reasons to be frustrated, but this is different. If you have to search that hard, chances are that the frustration is "external." (External is in quotes because we're all a part of each other, which is a deeper subject for another time.) It’s important to know how to regularly clear/clean your energy and the energy in your environment.

Another common frustrating factor is that sometimes people believe you shouldn’t vent. You’re always the one to calm the situation, so certainly you don’t have the experience of being fed up! Wrong! Of course you do. Don’t kick yourself for it. Human beings have human emotions and human needs. Allow yourself to be human. Find a healthy way to vent, let it flow, and let it go. Check out the earlier blog on the Value of Frustration for more information.

There are many healers walking around in everyday life, performing everyday tasks in everyday types of jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s fabulous. One of the most powerful healers I’ve come across was Booker the janitor from my high school.

If you feel you’re waking up inside, congratulations! Take more steps toward getting to know that part of you. It’s a new level of existence, an honor and a blessing. Enjoy it!

Miracles and blessings,

T. Renee Richardson

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Born with 3rd eye open - seeing auras, spirits, energy patterns
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BA, Psychology
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