How to know if your ex will come back; Have you done everything to get back together with your ex and nothing you have tried has worked? Have you think of writing those letters? If not then this is something you may want to think about. There are some reasons writing a letter can work better than what you have been trying.

Writing of letters to your ex is no assurance that they will at your feet again. There are just some couples that will never settle and get back together no matter how hard you try, just being aware of this. But letter writing can also be of help anyway.

The only way letters can help is when you have already been seeing your ex and have talked to them about getting back together. Sending them letter is only a way for you to say what you feel without face to face contact. This takes some pressure off of your ex from hearing you face to face.

They can read the letter and accept your words without feeling the pressure of having to answer back to you immediately. They can take their own time and re-read the letter at their own free will.

The best way to write your letters is to be sincere and write it from your heart. You may not be good in writing but that's ok. It's best to write the letter like you speak without making it plain or fake sounding. Say what you really mean without trying to sound like you're a talented writer.

If you try to write a sweet letter and it does not go over with your ex, it could make you look stupid. Just in case the letter is read by others, be careful of what you say, it may make it embarrassing for you in the long run.

Something you should think before you write this kind of letter is whether this approach will work with them. Do you feel this type of letter could move them emotionally in your favor or will they not take it serious? If you understand that you may be mocked over these letters and you are OK with that, and then by all means give it a try.

Using letters to get back together with someone can be a great thing. If you can tell your ex closely how you feel about them and make it come from your heart, you can have the satisfaction that you have at least tried your best.

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