Love is the foundation of every romantic relationship but for a relationship to be great, it needs more than love. In this article we will be discussing tips to help you out have a great relationship and a happy marriage but before we get to that, be sure to check out some of our articles about Medicare supplement plans 2020. Here are tips to help you out have a great relationship and a happy marriage.

• Communicate openly

This is like the most important thing in relationship probably even more important than love and commitment. You need to communicate with your partner openly without fearing the repercussions. If you feel that he is not doing something right, be bold enough to tell him that he is not doing it right.

It does not matter if he will like it or not, what matters is that he will have known and it is highly possible that he will not repeat that in future. Communicating openly allows you to have less secrets between you and hence more trust leading to a better relationship.

• Accept that ever relationship has its problems

This is one thing that a lot of couples tend to forget. People expect too much out of their relationships and when something goes wrong they feel like giving up. You need to understand that even the happiest couple that you have ever seen also have its ups and downs. What they do different is that they just don't let the downs take the best out of them and they enjoy the ups to the fullest. Accept that there will be challenges and when they come, face them head on and be sure to learn from them.

• Give your partner some space

We all love attention and it feels good when you know that there is a person who will always be there for you. But as they say, too much of anything is poisonous and if you give your partner too much attention that she does not get some time alone, it will do more harm than good.

Sometimes she needs to be alone to think about her problems and I bet you also needs to be alone sometimes. Give her sometime alone and only talk to her when she wants to. Don't get me wrong though, by space I don't mean you avoid your partner, just give her the necessary attention.

• Focus on the positive

I know it is easier said than done but it is still very possible to focus on the positive. Even when you addressing negative things try to do it in a positive way. For example if you find that your wife has not cleaned the house and the utensils, instead of scolding her, you can be like, “babe, it makes me happy when I find the house clean." This way she will try to be clean just to make you happy not trying because she fears being scolded.

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