The kitchen is perhaps one specific area of your home that needs continued attention. If a kitchen does not have proper waste bin, then such a kitchen will attract bacteria and insects.

Here are essential tips to keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh.

Clean Benchtops & Cabinets

Once you have had your meals and the surfaces are clutter-free, take a microfibre cloth or spray and wipe, and give the benchtops and sink an exhaustive mop. Bacteria can live in humid environments so grab a dry cloth and rub it off quickly. Moreover, remember to spot clean the cabinets that may have food spills over them.

Clean Floors & Skirting

Vacuum the kitchen floor to remove any dust, pet hair or loose food. Empty the kitchen waste bins and if required give the kitchen a quick clean using the mop/ spray mop. After a full-fledged cleaning is undertaken, you will be amazed what a distinction mopping the kitchen floor lends to your room’s overall look and feel.

Keeping Your Fridge Clean

Check your fridge daily and get rid of things that are no longer useful or expired. After a gap of three or four days, rearrange your vegetable crisper to ascertain the longevity of leftover produce. Mop down the shelves and throw some baking soda at the backside of the fridge to kill any odours/ bad smells.

Pre-treat the Oven, Baking Dishes, Pots and Stovetop

Follow a routine of spraying any baked-on stains or spills and soaking pots and pans before sitting down to relish your dinner, so they have enough time to break down and it will be easier to clean.

Cleaning On the Go

The easiest way for maintaining a neat and orderly kitchen is to clean on the go. This means you should pack away items as soon as you’re done with them and wash the dishes as you go or load the dishwasher.

Here are some quick tips to maintain hygiene in the kitchen and outside your home.

Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene

  • Use kitchen waste bin that has a lid or fully covered pull out kitchen bin to control bad smells and keep the insects away.
  • Make use of antibacterial spray cleaner and paper towels to wipe over the kitchen waste bin’s lid or top covered part daily.
  • Wash and cleanse the bin systematically with hot water and a liquid disinfectant once a week.

Maintaining Hygiene outside Your home

  • To reduce smells and curtail the possibility of attracting flies, store outside bins in the shade as far as possible. If flies do become a problem, try smearing citronella oil around the bin’s lid.
  • Dustbins attract insects and bacteria; however, you can lower this attraction by rinsing out the bottles and tins, and forcing air out of rubbish bags and tying them up before discarding them into the bin. Scarce air slows down the decomposition rate.
  • At least once a month, wash outdoor bins by putting a small quantity of bleach into them and filling with half water from the hosepipe. Rinse this around and keep it aside for an hour. Remove the dirty water into an outside drain and rinse the waste bin again thoroughly, from the inside and outside with clean water. Finally, turn the waste bin upside-down and allow it to drain dry.

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