Nobody wants to have pests in their homes, but the sad reality is that they tend to invite themselves over whenever they feel like it. This happens a lot during the night when the humans are asleep and there’s no one there to chase them away. It’s no fun at all to listen to mosquitoes buzzing around at midnight or to wake up to a cockroach ravaged kitchen in the morning. The silver lining is that there are some things you can do to keep pests away at night, and none of it involves you roaming around your home in the middle of the night with a pest repeller spray. Does pest control without too much hassle sound appealing to you? Then these tips are for you:

● Do a thorough inspection before doing pest control:
When you spot a cockroach scurry past your kitchen, probably the last thing you would want to do is to stay calm and inspect the nooks and crannies from which it suddenly crawled out from. It would be much more tempting to get that cockroach out of the house as soon as possible. However, doing so can only provide you with a temporary solution. This is because there will be plenty more cockroaches just like the one you spotted, perhaps hiding inside your house.
In order to eliminate the problems in the future, you have to inspect your house thoroughly, especially for holes on the walls that you could have missed, or likely hiding places for cockroaches and other pests. By doing so, you can be more efficient in your pest control, and it can help you specifically target the relevant areas of your house.

● Keep your home and surroundings clean:
It is important to keep your home clean, not just to lead a hygienic life but to keep pests as far away as possible. It is more likely for common pests, such as cockroaches and rats, to thrive in an unclean house rather than a clean one. However, this is not to say that pests won’t infest clean homes; it is just that the chances will be higher in the case of an unclean home. Therefore, doing a thorough cleaning of your home regularly can go a long way in keeping pests away. Always try to make your home and surroundings smell good too, since there are a number of natural, incredible fragrances that pests are repulsed by. Using a vacuum cleaner regularly in your home can be helpful in getting rid of tiny pests, such as fleas.

● Use coffee as a natural insect repellent:
The smell of fresh coffee might seem incredible to you since it can brighten up the sleepiest of mornings, but the ants in your home are not likely to share that opinion. While ants might tend to make a feast out of any food substance that you happen to leave out at night, it is a proven fact that they are repulsed by the smell of coffee grounds. They are so repulsed by it that making a natural insect repellent out of coffee grounds could actually help you keep them out to a certain extent. You simply have to sprinkle coffee grounds in ant-infested areas before going to sleep at night. Chances are that they would have run away by morning.

● Do pest control with essential oils:
It is always a good idea to have essential oils in your home. Not only can they add exquisite flavor to your food, but it also has a multitude of other benefits. Just like coffee grounds, the smell of which humans love and pests hate, the smell of essential oils too, are loved by humans and hated by pests. Peppermint, lavender, spearmint and rosemary oil, in particular, are essential oils that can make your home smell good while sending repulsed pests out of the door. You can try mixing one of the oils with a little of bit of grain alcohol to make a natural insect repellent. Spraying it around your home every night can help you do pest control to a good extent.

● Make a garlic pest repeller spray:

Have you ever wondered where the myth of vampires being repelled by garlic by garlic came from? It could very well have originated from the belief that mosquitoes are repelled by garlic. Since mosquitoes are basically the blood-sucking vampires that we have to deal with on a daily basis in real life, the whole garlic theory can easily be put to the test. You can try mixing a whole lot of garlic (at least two bulbs) with water and leaving it to sit overnight. Then mix it with soap water and you have got yourself a natural insect repellent. Use this spray in mosquito-infested areas of your home to keep them away at night.

● Spray with soapy water:

Soap water can be considerably effective when it comes to dealing with common pests like cockroaches. You can take some soap water in a bottle and spray it on cockroaches when you spot them. This is toxic to cockroaches and can perhaps instantly kill them. The cockroaches are also likely to pass the water to other cockroaches in its nests, because of which all of them can quickly be eliminated.

● Switch on an electronic pest repeller at night:

While natural pest repeller sprays can be a bit annoying to actually make, the only thing that can send pests scurrying out of your home overnight is an ultrasonic pest repeller. You simply have to plug it into a power outlet, in areas where pests are likely to be present. Simply switch it on before you go to sleep every night and it will do its job of keeping pests away from your home at night. This method involves the least amount of hassle since there is no need to make your own pest repeller from scratch. There are no health issues either since it is an electronic device that doesn’t need toxic chemicals to function.

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