How we do our days is how we ultimately do our life… Our life is but a collection of days… We can decide now what kind of life we want to have lived at the end of the day… When on our deathbed, what kind of highlight reel would we have to showcase? What kind of life do we want to have to show for our time on earth? What regrets do we want to make sure we don’t have? How will we have immortalized ourselves, how would we live-on in the hearts and minds of others? What would our footprint have been, what kind of impact did we make?

This line of thinking can be really scary or extremely inspiring… It can be scary if you are not happy with the current state of affairs in your life. It can be scary if you feel powerless, stuck and at the mercy of others. It can be scary if you think you are not smart enough, gifted enough, creative enough and the like. It can be scary if you are not fully owning your life and your Self…

It can be extremely inspiring if you are taking charge of your life. If you are building your courage muscle. If you are investing in healing, growing, and evolving. If you are protecting your energy, time, and focus. If you are committed to living a long and healthy life. If you are intentionally designing your days. If you are developing personal discipline and are embracing Habit Building as an approach to life success…

A successful life is made up of the accumulation of your Owned days… Own your day, own your life, succeed at your life…

How do you own your day? Start your day early and “warrior proof it”. According to Robin Sharma, Author of The 5 am Club, it’s imperative to take time first thing in the morning to set oneself up for an amazing day by proofing it against the noise of life. He encourages building a great mindset, healthset, heartset and soulset during this time… This can be done via a simple exercise, journaling, meditation and learning routine.

How do you own your day? By increasing connection, wellness, and success habits into your routine with Habit Stacking (associate a new habit to an existing one) – reducing the need for decision making, willpower and self-discipline… By chunking your time for most creativity and productivity. By protecting your Focus Time. By planning your meals. By building-in transition and reenergizing times. By implementing self-care practices. By minding being intentional, present and attentive.

If you’ve been living by flying by the seat of your pants, this might feel really daunting. Don’t worry, start small. Any action towards owning your day and improving your life will start the juices flowing empowering, motivating and inspiring you to do more. Not to mention, that you’d already be feeling amazing for having done something different towards taking charge of your life.

If you’ve been investing in yourself all along this will not feel as daunting and will instead spark additional motivation and inspiration. Soak that in and go for it!

Taking this a step further, you can apply these concepts to the Successful Couple Strategy™… You can apply this level of ownership, design and intentionality to the 5 Elements, for example:

Context & Mindset – Set Effective Boundaries (download our empowering guide!)

Communication & Alignment – Have daily Appreciation Talk Time™ (tell your partner what you appreciated about them or what they did that day)

Clarity & Dynamics – Do consistent nurturing Healing behaviors for your partner (target their ongoing requests)

Connection & Intimacy – Implement the monthly Dating Protocol (take turns planning awesomeness for each other)

Collaboration & Partnership – Hold Sunday Synchronization Meetings™ (get current and plan the upcoming week)

So, you see, if you are interested in having a world class life, you can! You can have a meaningful life and successful relationship. The key is to owning your self, your day, your life!

Assignment: Take stock of where you feel stuck – Make lists of all the annoyances around you, energy and time suckers, distractions, incomplete projects, areas of improvement, resentments you are holding, unmet needs, unfinished business, forgotten dreams and anything else you believe might be holding you back… Grab everything that gets in the way of owning your day. Pick a list to focus on, pick an item to address from it. Decide how you’ll do it, make a plan to tackle it, carry out your plan… Change only happens when you take action… Make a commitment to tackle the rest with the same approach… Get the support you need to help you do it faster, do it better, and stay the course…

You want a great life? Create a great life… You can do it!

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Happy Owning!

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Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT has been in the mental health field in varying capacities for the past 20+ years. She is the Founder and Director of a psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial couples who are struggling getting on the same page and feeling connected.