Keeping your house clean with pets around can be a very daunting task. The mess can be all over the house, but it is your carpet that suffers the most. The good news is that it is not entirely impossible to keep your house clean with pets around. You simply have to act smart and avoid the mess.

In today’s article, we will focus on ways on how you can keep your carpet clean with your pets moving around freely.

1 - Wipe their Paws

Let us hit the basics first. Solving the problem would mean eradicating it from its roots right? Well, then we have a winner ladies and gents. You can keep your carpet clean by wiping your pet’s muddy paws!
The moment you hear them entering the house, grab a bunch of paw-friendly wipes and voila! Who said wipes are only for babies when they provide such convenience for pets as well. This life hack is not limited to keeping your carpet clean as you can use them to keep your pets bacteria free as well.

2 – Add a Floor Mat

We underestimate floor mats. Once added to your entrance you will notice that your carpet is cleaner than before. Additionally, add a rug inside your living area too. Rugs are not only a good accessory but they also protect your carpet from becoming dirty. Your pet will probably choose to sit on the warm and cozy rug rather than on the carpet. The good thing about rugs and doormats is that you can take them outside to remove the pet hair or get them dry-cleaned.

3 – Carpet Cleaners to the Rescue

Finding the right carpet cleaner in the market is a life-long dream for any home-maker. Carpet cleaners can be a real life-saver when it comes to pet stains on the carpet. Do make sure that you clean the mess as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more it will seep-in and ruin your carpet. Before you load the stain with a carpet cleaner, make sure you get all the debris off (if there is any).

Use a damp, clean cloth to remove any excess and then spray the carpet cleaner onto the stain. Leave it on for a while, whatever is the recommended period for the product. However, do make sure that the carpet cleaner that you are using is pet-friendly. Some carpet cleaners have harmful chemicals that can be injurious to your pet.

4 – Regular Vacuuming

Pets or no pets, vacuuming your house regularly is super important. The frequency of vacuuming depends on whether or not you have pets. Dogs and cats shed hair and it can be extremely unhygienic if you leave them around.
Therefore, vacuum at least twice a day if you want to completely you want your carpet to be clean and your house germ-free. Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpet and fresh and new.

5 – Define a Pet Area in your House

Some pets are fond of chewing the carpet from the edges. If you are facing a similar problem, you might want to consider putting your pet in an area where there is no carpet. You can set these limitations when you are not home or during the night when you are unable to monitor their activities.

6 – Take Care of your Pet’s Hygiene

Keeping the pets clean can be extremely difficult. No matter how full they make our lives, there is no denying that keeping them clean can be a really big hassle. We often tend to ignore our pet’s hygiene. We forget to sanitize their toys and their grooming tools and in turn, leave the house exposed to diseases and infections.
If we take care of our pet’s hygiene in the first place, we would not need to worry about dirty carpets and upholstery. While you are at it, make sure you clip their nails too. This would help protect your carpet and prevent other infections around the house as well.

7 – Carpet Cleaning Service

If matters completely get out of hand you can always ring up a reliable carpet cleaning service. Tough carpet stains cannot be simply removed through products purchased from the market. This is why you need to get your carpet cleaned at least twice or thrice every year. Getting your carpet cleaned from professionals such as the London carpet cleaners will restore its freshness.

8 - Foot Soak Tub

If you have a spare foot soak tub lying around the house, it is time to bring it to good use. This is especially useful during the rainy season. You can simply place a foot soak tub (or any plastic container) at your doorstep to wash your pet’s paws before they come indoors. This way your house can be free of muddy stains during rainy days.

Another reliable way to ensure that there is no mess around the house, you can make your pet wear rain boots. As funny as it sounds, there are actual rain boots designed for your pet. But do make sure that they are taken off outside the house or your efforts will go in vain! You can train them so that they are aware of the routine.

9 – The Baking Soda Hack

Baking Soda has multiple uses around the house. It is one of the most effective ways to clean around the nooks and corners of the house. The baking soda hack is also relevant to our topic today. Baking Soda is highly effective in treating carpet stains and odors that may seep into your carpet.

10 – Watch Your Pet’s Diet

Most of the food available for pets is packed with artificial colors and flavors. This can cause tough stains on your carpet. Especially when there is an accident and your pet decides to take a dropping on your carpet. The food coloring in their food will make it harder for you to get rid of the stain. It is better to give your pet food that is healthy and free of artificial flavors and colorings.


So, these were some helpful tips that can keep your carpet clean even with pets roaming freely around the house. Let us know if any of these tips helped you out in the comments below.

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