We all have items that hold a special meaning for us, but due to the relentlessness of time, these keepsakes will inevitably lose their original shine. Luckily, there is now a way to preserve these treasures and keep them in your family for generations.

We at the Bronzery can help you preserve your most priceless items by bronzing them – putting them through the process of preservation by applying a bronze-like surface to their surface. This way, your most precious valuables will resist the ravages of time.

Such valuables definitely include baby shoes. We’re sure every parent still keeps these small mementos as reminders of times so quickly gone by – of their child’s first, insecure steps, of their small, little feet, of the beginning of their adventurous journey. If you want to make something (even more) special out of these tiny tokens, come to us and we will help you preserve them in beautiful bronze, pewter, silver or gold.

There are many ways in which we can turn your baby’s shoes into a treasure worth showcasing. You can bring us your baby’s shoes (or just one) and we can bronze them for you, leaving it up to you how you will showcase them.

Your item will be preserved in a metal of your choice. Pick between gold, bronze, silver, or pewter.

1. Unmounted shoes

Whether it is a pair of shoes that your baby had on when he/she took the first or just a single shoe. Maybe it is the pair they were wearing when you first took them to school. Whichever it is, we will preserve it for you.

2. Mounted shoes

And if you want a more personalized shoe or personalized pair of shoes, have them mounted on a walnut or oak base. The base can be engraved with your baby’s name, or initials. The choice is all yours.

3. Mounted shoes with photo

Better still, have a photo included in either a wooden mount (oak or walnut) or a metal mounting. The base will also have an engraving in case you like a personalized item.

4. Pacifier

Remember the first pacifier they had to soothe them to sleep? Or keep them away from sucking their little fingers? Well, you can have it preserved in a metal of your choice.

It is then mounted on a marble base, which is black or white white in color. You can also personalize it by adding an engraving that you prefer.

5. Bookends

What better way to display your books than with bookends with mounted baby shoes? With this, you will be displaying your favorite items in a unique way.

Choose an item from our 5 baby keepsake ideas and let us preserve your baby’s memorable moments.

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