Most of us will find that the diamonds on the rings will get loosened after a long time, and nearly all will only aware the problem when the diamonds have missed. That does really bring many inconvenient to our life. While being applying to the jewelry ornaments, the diamonds always appear with the rings, so that the diamonds on the rings are the one will lose more often.
After some research and analyses, the reason cause the problems are nothing else but the following three aspects: infirm inlay skill, unideal design and bad usage. When came across the problem, mainly of us will put the blame on the first two reasons, but the fact is that the wearing behavior is the true factor. Just be calm down and rethink profoundly, have you also wore your diamond rings while swimming, doing the dishes, cleaning the room? When you say “yes”, then most of the blame may be put onto yourself.
The precious gemstones especial the diamond is an entirely tender substance, in particular, in our China traditional, most people prefer the diamond jewelry that assemble with the PT950 material. The platinum may be a little poor in the hardness when compared with the K-gold ones. But even the two people who but the same one, the results can also be differ greatly. Then, you may wonder to know the real reasons. Just like in childhood, mom will often jaw that why others can keep their cloth clean and smooth but except yours. And then when you think of this, you will find out that everything need to be take good care for its origin luster. In the next sentences, I will show you some tips just for your reference:
1. After thousands years’ developing, the design for the diamond jewelry may be a little harder to have a big change. Simply pursuit the appearance or other aspects will break the whole design. Thus, the flaws in design are the main reason. To solute this problem, you should consider the fastness first.
2. While cleaning the diamond jewelry, do not wash it directly under the pool. Prepare an individual container like a bowl, even the diamond fall suddenly, and then you can will it easily.
3. Be alert every moment. Check up your diamond jewelry regularly. Once find the problem, ask the professional agent for help.
4. Remember to take off the diamond rings while taking a bath. The rings will fall more often after using the bath foam or soap.
5. The same deed while doing heavy work. The whole structure will be out of shape because of the outside force, and then lead to the diamond falling problem.
6. Choose the rings with simple design. Most of the rings with complex design will be not easy to change the size. So that when being changed size with outside force, this will set a dangerous precedent for the future.
Of course, if you handle the ways that can prevent the diamonds from falling from the rings, all style and design will be available for you! For more information about the wholesale beads or other jewelry ornaments, welcome to our blog and site!

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