How to keep moving and be relevant should normally be the major concern of any right thinking person who likes to stay afloat in the global society. The only way to keep living is to keep moving no matter what one’s present economic, political and social tide of life may be. This means that no matter what is your level of attainment and success at the moment, if you do not keep moving at quite a faster pace than anyone else, the tendency is there for you to be overtaken by another person in your field of endeavor.

The meaning of success is to keep succeeding all the way and that is the main reason why there is no end to success and attainment in life. There is no gainsaying the fact there are many people out there who always wonder why successful people hardly take a rest out of their busy and tight schedule. The reason is not at all farfetched; if at a point you have not been working as hard as possible, what you regard as a success worth celebrating today will become irrelevant tomorrow whichever way you may look at it.

If this can be said of the people we regard as being successful today, where can one then place the conduct of the up and coming ones that is those that are fighting tooth and nail to eke out a successful living out of the work they are doing now. The point here is that there is no reason for one to rest on one’s oars but paddle the canoe harder and be ready to face the heavy tides of life. It is quite needless to stand till or give up no matter the odds of whatever you are passing through today. This is because tough time never lasts but tough people do.

Just keep moving and keep working to the best of your ability because nothing in life is stagnant but in perpetual motion. We all are aware of the fact that the sun never stays in one position but moves just like the moon itself. The cloud itself gathers while the wind blows with all its vigor and vitality, the river flows as much as the earth moves and the entire solar system is always in motion.

Since you know that everything around you is moving all the way and you are not then the tendency is there for you to be sidelined. This invariably means that unless you are ready, willing and able to change your present course of life, there is no way you can be in charge of any position or situation. No matter how much you have been previously disappointed by people or messed up at a point or another just put all that behind you and move forward instead of crying over the spilled mile and that is how to keep moving and be relevant.

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Ade Adenekan a self-improvement enthusiast and blogger is the Executive Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Center (PARC) and the African Center for Peace Education and Training (ACPET). If this piece is of any appeal to you, feel free to get more and other opportunities at